Network Integrity Systems’ VANGUARD FOCUS: Security for Long-Haul Infrastructure

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Network Integrity Systems Vanguard Focus is a game changer!

Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology in Network Integrity Systems’ VANGUARD FOCUS cyber security solution is a game-changer in long-haul infrastructure monitoring. Long-haul networks face various risks related to maintaining and securing the physical infrastructure. However, with DAS, any event related to the cable is identified, tracked, and alarmed in real time, reducing the potential risk for downtime or data security breaches.

Long-haul networks face people and process-related risks. Unplanned events such as downtime caused by digging, maintenance errors, or construction pose a significant risk. Additionally, fault location issues, the inability to quickly identify the location of a failure, and documentation errors such as untracked or incorrectly documented changes also pose a threat. Therefore, it’s crucial to proactively monitor and maintain critical infrastructure paths to prevent or reduce the impacts of these events.

Distributed Acoustic Sensing utilizes existing fiber-optic infrastructure to create a system of sensors, leveraging the unique properties of optical fiber. This sensing system allows continuous, automated layer one optical infrastructure monitoring.

The advantages of this type of monitoring solution are numerous:

– The system can immediately detect an event related to the cable and/or the surrounding area and differentiate between events.

– Identify the event’s exact location.

– Mobilize the appropriate response

-Provides a detailed map of the cabling environment/path and virtual segments of different risk areas.

The VANGUARD FOCUS uses state-of-the-art DAS technology to provide long-range capability and pinpoint the location of any physical disturbance to communications cables anywhere along those cables, up to 50km in length per segment. This system provides end-to-end, real-time visibility of long-haul infrastructure health and security. With systems deployed all over the world, Network Integrity Systems is the leading expert in Physical Layer One security. Their systems have been tested against the most state-of-the-art, classified intrusion methods.

Long-haul infrastructure monitoring is critical for public utilities and private companies alike. Leaving critical connections across campus, a city, or beyond unmonitored poses various risks, including environmental factors, unapproved changes, and malicious intrusions. However, DAS technology in the VANGUARD FOCUS provides the remedy to these issues. By creating a sensor along the entire length of the cable, any event related to that cable is identified, tracked, and alarmed where necessary, reducing the potential risk for downtime or data security breaches.