The Forex Trading Coach Reach 14 Years Teaching Practices To Keep Traders Safe

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The Forex Trading Coach is an international training company and confirmed in an exclusive interview with Eleven Media that they have recently reached the milestone of teaching and helping traders for 14 years. This period has seen them coach over 3700 clients in 101 Countries.

Their success has been the focus is on teaching successful trading techniques as well as practices that keep their students as safe as possible in their journey.

One of the things that many Forex traders struggle with is they lack the personal funds to trade a substantial account size, and therefore many feel that they cannot justify spending money on trading education as they won’t have much money left to fund their account. The issue is also the amount they’ll be making on that small account is insufficient.

Mr Andrew Mitchem said this when interviewed by Eleven Media, “The mistake of new traders not investing in themselves by enrolling in a proven trading course and strategy is that it is very short sighted. Many will spend countless hours on YouTube and on free forum sites, mostly wasting their time, chasing the next shiny object in the hope that the next system will be the holy grail of all trading strategies and find out the hard way it isn’t.”

Prop firms provide a solution to the issue of lack of funds and there are many good prop firms available to be used. This means that the good trader now has the potential to make a substantial income by trading the funds provided by the prop firms.

“At The Forex Trading Coach, we have not only a proven trading strategy but our strategy also works on non-Forex markets such as the commodities, cryptos, indices and metals. We also encourage a very low risk approach per trade, ensuring low drawdowns, and our trading approach ensures that when you have a profitable trade, that trade makes 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 or even a 5:1 reward:risk” said Andrew Mitchem

Eleven Media’s market research found overwhelming support for The Forex Trading Coach’s advice to new or struggling traders to invest in themselves and in a quality, 5-star rated training, and proven trading strategy to ensure they have long term success as a trader.

About The Forex Trading Coach

The Forex Trading Coach is founded by current principal Andrew Mitchem who is a passionate and experienced Forex Trader. The coaching program can be taken via private coaching or online training. In the United States and Canada one on one training at your premises is available. The Forex Trading Coach is helping people create personal and financial freedom through their proven trading strategies in the Forex markets.

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