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Gulf Shores, Alabama March 21, 2023— Speedster Athletics, a leading provider of sports performance training equipment to athletes of all ages and all participation levels including athletes in the NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS and many more announces the launch of the Speedster Elite Training System.


Speedster Athletics Unveils a Revolutionary Speed Training System

Gulf Shores, Alabama March 21, 2023— Speedster Athletics, a leading provider of performance-focused sports training equipment, to athletes of all ages and all participation levels including athletes in the NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS and many other leagues around the world, is proud to announce the launch of the Speedster Elite Training System, a groundbreaking solution designed to optimize speed, agility, and overall athletic performance.

The Speedster Elite Training System is a 3-Phase training program that utilizes Heavy Resistance, Light Resistance and Overspeed training. The system combines state-of-the-art America Made training tools and a program to help athletes unlock their full speed potential. This comprehensive system caters to athletes of all ages and skill levels, male or female making it an ideal training solution for aspiring professionals, amateur athletes, fitness enthusiasts and weekend warriors alike.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Speedster Elite Training System to the market,” said Tim Newman, founder of Speedster Athletics. “Our goal is to revolutionize the way athletes train by providing them with a complete, accessible, and effective training solution that can be used about anywhere that focuses on speed development, functional movement, and injury prevention at an affordable price.”

The Speedster Elite Training System includes the following high-quality components:

Rocket Bungee: The Rocket Bungee is a 30′ bungee cord with a maximum stretch of 40 yards or 36.5 meters designed for maximum durability and versatility, these bands offer varying levels of overspeed training to accommodate different training needs and intensity levels for youth, high school, college and professional athletes. The Rocket Bungee incorporates the company’s patented Safety Sleeve Technology which is a sheath covering the inner bungee tube. It provides multiple functions mostly protecting the athlete if the inner band were to break keeping the band inside the sheath not allowing it to strike the athlete. It also prolongs the life of the inner band by protecting it from nics and abrasions as well as shielding it from UV rays.

Adjustable Body Harness: Comfortable and adjustable, the padded Speedster Harness ensures a secure and customized fit, making it suitable for athletes of all sizes. The Speedster Harness is a dual use harness. First for pulling the the Speedster Torpedo Jet Sled then reversing the harness and attaching the Rocket Bungee for overspeed training.

Torpedo Jet Sled: The Jet Sled is made from heavy duty plastic and can be used on many surfaces including natural grass or artificial turf, though not recommended for use on concrete or asphalt. The sled is used during the Resistance Phases of the workout by placing the weight bags in the sled for the proper amount of resistance.

Anchor Straps: These heavy-duty straps provide a safe and sturdy attachment point for the Rocket Band, allowing for a wide range of training exercises.

Handled Weight Bags: The weight bags are easily filled with sand and have a webbing handle for easy lifting. Each bag weighs approximately 20 pounds when filled with sand. The bags allow for ease of adding weight to the sled during the resistance phase of the workout, without having to have weight plates.

Dome Cones: The system comes with 4 different colored Dome Cones Red, Blue, White and Yellow making the training easy to follow. The cones are setup at different distances so the athlete can easily identify the proper distance they are running to during each of the 3 phases.

Training Program Guide: A comprehensive guide that covers proper setup, safety ensuring users get the most out of their Speedster Elite Training System along with a 4 week step by step training program to follow.

Carry Bag: A durable and stylish bag for convenient storage and transportation of the Speedster Training System components.

With the Speedster Training System, athletes can improve their speed, agility, and strength while minimizing the risk of injury. The system’s unique combination of resistance bands, adjustable harness, and anchor straps provides a versatile training platform that enables athletes to specifically focus on their quick starts and top speed to enhance their overall athletic performance.

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About Speedster Athletics:

Speedster Athletics is a leading provider of performance-focused sports training equipment. Founded by Tim Newman, a renowned speed training coach, innovator and biomechanics sports movement expert. Speedster Athletics is committed to helping athletes achieve their full potential through innovative training solutions. With a focus on speed, agility, and injury prevention, Speedster Athletics has become a trusted name in the world of sports performance training.

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