Rochester Pre-Closing Property Inspection For Home Buyers: Services Updated

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National Property Inspections (585-654-7294) has updated its residential inspection services for home buyers in Rochester NY, offering to assess buildings and testing for safety risks.

The Rochester branch of NPI is currently urging prospective home buyers to contact a professional building inspector before closing on an upcoming sale in order to protect themselves from unforeseen complications.

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Now providing paperless services, the team of licensed property inspectors is equipped to send buyers digital reports within 24 hours of the assessment. This includes a description that accurately summarises the condition of the property in plain English, alongside a portfolio of photo evidence.

Its experienced inspectors can help residential and commercial real estate buyers by identifying potential issues with the property before the final sale is made. In a recent survey from Porch, 86% of buyers expressed that their home inspector identified at least one unaddressed problem with the property that they were in the process of purchasing.

As an optional part of buying a home, the process can benefit buyers by making them aware of possible repair and maintenance issues that they may face after closing. For example, the NPI inspector may detect signs of water intrusion or structural damage that the seller was otherwise unaware of. As such, in addition to keeping its clients informed about the condition of their soon-to-be home, it can help them when negotiating the closing price.

NPI will conduct a visual and non-invasive inspection of hundreds of different aspects of the building and lot, such as the roof, plumbing, building foundation, attic, furnace, or electrical system.

About National Property Inspections

NPI Rochester is made up of a team of nearly 300 inspectors, all of whom are certified members of the American Society of Home Inspectors. Its standard inspection service can be augmented with add-ons, including radon testing, HUD 203(K) inspection, and wood-destroying insect assessments.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Our professionally trained inspectors have years of experience identifying the condition of hundreds of your home’s most vital systems. Whether you’re buying your family’s new home or renting a commercial building for your growing business, NPI Rochester gives you peace of mind.”

More information can be found by visiting or by calling +585-654-7294.