Handcrafted Pearl Jewelry Sets For Mature Women, Elegant Collection Launched

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Amasor Jewelry, an online jewelry boutique based in California, has launched a new collection of handcrafted pearl jewelry sets.

The bespoke jeweler’s new handmade pearl pieces can be purchased and worn individually or in artfully matched and mismatched sets. Amasor Jewelry has highlighted both classic round natural freshwater pearls and colored pearls, Baroque pearls, Keishi pearls and pearls with unique shapes. Amasor Jewelry uses coin pearls in many earring, bracelet and necklace designs. Since ancient times, pearls have represented values like sincerity, balance, and wisdom, and Amasor Jewelry has channeled this meaning in their new collection, which they believe will particularly resonate with the style of mature women.

More information is available at https://amasorjewelry.com

Amasor has released a new collection as Refinery29 names pearls as its number one jewelry trend of 2023, with a focus on what they call a “bolder” and “better” take on the traditional pearl, one which partners it with unusual shapes, architectural embellishments and unique materials.

In Amasor’s new collection, they have also created an array of distinct statement jewelry pieces that fuse the traditional energy of the pearl with more contemporary designs. They hope these fashionable and versatile sets and individual pieces will allow wearers to express their style.

One unique new piece is the boutique’s Pearls and Peach CZ Necklace. This 17-inch necklace reimagines the classic pearl threaded necklace and partners round freshwater pearls with unique peach-hued cubic zirconia, classic Swarovski crystals and round gold-filled beads.

For those who prefer a blue and silver palette, Amasor Jewelry has their Sterling Silver, Pearls and Blue necklace with a matching bracelet, which combines silvery grey freshwater pearls with sterling silver spacers and faceted blue barrel beads.

Shoppers might like to combine these pieces with pearl bracelets like the store’s unique Square Shaped Pearl Bracelet, Bracelet with Pearls, Crystals and Gold or the Baroque Coin Pearl and Gold bracelet. Earrings are designed in varied styles in both Sterling Silver and Gold, like the Sterling Silver Earrings with Pearl Drops or Framed Coin Pearl Gold earrings tribal influence that often makes itself apparent in Amasor’s pieces.

As a boutique jewelry-making studio, Amasor Jewelry can help their shoppers pick the stone and piece that is perfect for them. They also give care instructions with each purchase to ensure that shoppers know how to take care of their handcrafted item.

One happy shopper said of the online jewelry boutique, “I appreciate Amasor Jewelry’s passionate love of creating, their exquisite artistic eye for design, as well as their skillful experienced hands. I love wearing their unique pieces and have been delighted with the compliments. Their work never ceases to amaze me.”

More details can be found at https://amasorjewelry.com

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