Coral Gables Fitness Trainers Skills Matching Client Generation Platform Launch

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FitnessAtYourDoor, available at +1-954-686-7321, has announced new expansions to its trainer-friendly health instruction platform, which is now open to coaches in Coral Gables, Florida.

The move is made with FitnessAtYourDoor aiming to connect a wider number of independent fitness trainers across South Florida with a stable source of clients on a regular basis. Now available in Coral Gables, the platform welcomes professionals from backgrounds such as yoga, pilates, and high-intensity muscle training to start growing their business.

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By expanding, FitnessAtYourDoor looks to continue its founding purpose in streamlining the client acquisition process for local certified instructors. Citing the stress and time management issues associated with lead generation and reputation maintenance, the platform is built to link trainers with those who need their services while managing renewals and billing on their behalf.

In addition, FitnessAtYourDoor is designed around the concept of matching clients with coaches who are suited to lead their unique fitness journeys. Visitors to the South Florida program’s online platform can select instructors based on skills associated with improving strength, toning up bodies, and so on in the name of achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Company founder Kashawn Fraser said: “I struggled for years to get organized and was constantly burnt out from the business stuff when I just wanted to change people’s lives. I knew there had to be a better way to find new leads, take care of my clients, handle billing and to sell programs or meal plans in my own business without being trapped at a big gym for 12 hours a day.”

As such, the program was designed to offer convenience to both its clients and its registered trainers. For coaches, FitnessAtYourDoor is able to set up ongoing workout sessions held in close proximity to their local area. Clients, meanwhile, have the option to bring instructors to their own home or workplace in the interest of saving time.

In this way, FitnessAtYourDoor professes to provide major advantages for both sides – creating a reliable stream of leads and client interest while serving as a quick platform for booking classes. Coral Gables trainers can register via the program’s official website by uploading their certifications alongside a descriptive introduction of their experience and specialties.

A company representative explained: “Generally, once a client books you and likes you, they’ll stick with you for the whole three months – and you know your income is set because clients pay upfront.”

Interested parties in and around Coral Gables can find further details about FitnessAtYourDoor and its platform for trainers at