Christian Apparel Store: Faith Over Fear Unisex T-Shirts & Hoodies Launched

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The Christian Designs, a new online store for custom Christian-themed apparel, accessories, stationery and homeware, has launched their first collection.

The Christian Designs is proud to be stocking an array of high-quality products, like clothing, that have been created with a message of faith to inspire wearers. Popular messages featured on their new array of apparel, accessories, stationery and homeware items include ‘Chosen’, ‘Faith’, ‘Faith Over Fear’, ‘His Grace is Enough’ and ‘If the Stars Were Made to Worship So Will I’.

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The new collection has been launched in response to a recent article on Faith Magazine. As they described, wearing one’s faith is an opportunity to share the beauty of God with those around one’s self, and to likewise affirm one’s faith on a daily basis, which they believe is especially important in 2023.

The Christian Designs agrees. They believe that wearing one’s faith is a gentle dialogue starter that can help to share the wisdom of Christian faith and to connect with other believers.

As such, in Christian apparel they have a new selection of unisex hoodies and t-shirts that are made from a quality, plush blend of soft cotton and polyester. They can be selected in either white with black lettering and a black design, or in black with a white design. Their hoodies and t-shirts are available in sizes small through to 2XL and offer a classic fit that is true to size.

Given that The Christian Designs’ new collection is centered around their uplifting messages of faith, shoppers can also choose to purchase a matching ceramic coffee mug, stainless steel travel cup and a spiral notebook. The Christian Designs particularly recommends their new Christian-themed spiral notebooks for Bible study journaling.

Other new faithful messages shoppers can select from include ‘Let Me Tell You About My Jesus’, ‘Normal Isn’t Coming Back, Jesus Is’ and ‘One Nation Under God’. With each message, the design team at The Christian Designs has also created beautiful hand-drawn illustrations to accompany the text.

The Christian Designs is based in Hawaii and they ship their apparel, accessories, stationery and homeware products across the United States.

A spokesperson for the online store said, “The Christian Designs is an online shop that offers a collection of Christian-themed products, which include items such as clothing, cups, journals, and other accessories that showcase Christian symbols and messages.”

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