Self-Publishing Coach For Entrepreneurs, Authors: Expert Service Update

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RLS Creativity offers expanded services for entrepreneurs on writing and self-publishing their business books, including coaching and book formatting.

Led by best-selling author Ruth L. Snyder, RLS Creativity is announcing a renewed focus on helping authors reach their target audience and expand their impact by turning their ideas into high-quality, published products.

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As a Wall Street Journal Best-selling author, international speaker, prolific podcaster, and coach, Ruth L. Snyder applies her extensive experience to coaching services that help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life through a self-published book or ebook that takes six months to write from the initial idea to the final publication. This enables authors to share their impactful messages with the world, while growing their businesses, expanding their brand, and increasing their revenue.

Around 200 million Americans aspire to write a book, but only 3% get a book published. As the percentage of self-published books continues to rise yearly, this presents a key opportunity for organizations seeking to help authors get published. Whether authors are preparing their manuscripts for publication or are ready to go to press, RLS Creativity can help authors get their message out to their target audience, expanding their client base and building their community.

RLS Creativity helps prospective authors by coaching them through the publishing process, starting with initial brainstorming, synthesizing ideas, developing an outline, generating a draft, and finally publishing a printed book or ebook. The coaching process includes guiding clients through market research, formatting ebooks and books for print, uploading books into the requisite online systems, and planning a book launch, ensuring that everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Prospective authors receive an initial 30-minute consultation. After this initial meeting, the typical coaching package includes six months of bi-weekly one-on-one calls, email support, access to templates, and connections to other experts in the publishing field. The organization’s website also contains on-site resources on a variety of topics, including tips and tools for developing a book outline, generating a marketing strategy, and effectively utilizing social media as an author.

The latest expansion aligns with the organization’s continued commitment to the self-publishing industry, enabling entrepreneurs to actualize their ideas and messages into distributable, monetized products – while also substantially expanding their reach.

A satisfied client said: “Ruth L. Snyder has worked with me on two interactive picture books. She is a rare jewel—a combination of honesty, professionalism, and reliability.”

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