Small Cap Trading Chat Room For Novice Traders, 1-On-1 Mentorship Service Update

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My Investing Club expands its online education and mentorship services, designed to help individuals become more successful day traders.

The enhanced solutions encompass on-demand video lessons, live market recaps, 1-on-1 mentorship programs, and a daily education chatroom. As part of the update, newcomers are also offered an introductory course to gain a better understanding of the team’s approach.

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‘My Investing Club’ explains that the growth in internet trading platforms has made day trading more accessible. As such, its latest services are designed to provide the expert education that many participants lack. The company, founded and supported by a team of successful professional traders, is passionate about sharing some lesser-known day-trading techniques.

The team is aware of results from recent research conducted by the University of California that found that only 13% of day traders were profitable over a given six-month period. Another report, from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, suggests that 72% of day traders are operating at a financial loss.

‘My Investing Club’ contends that lack of knowledge and understanding is a major contributing factor to these statistics, and aims to address these shortcomings with its enhanced membership programs. The recent updates build on an already successful program, which has helped its existing members be consistently profitable.

“The reason 90% of traders fail is improper education,” a company representative explained. “Trading is by no means a get rich quick endeavor, but with proper education and hard work, it is very possible to achieve the life of freedom and abundance trading provides. Our members are proving that every day.”

About ‘My Investing Club’

Founded by a multidisciplinary team of successful traders, ‘My Investing Club’ aims to develop a self-sustaining community, with almost 20 of its current moderators being drawn from its existing pool of members. The team also holds regular meetups and networking events at locations around the world.

“I’ve had crazy account growth recently since I stuck to only broken back side stocks,” one member recently stated. “I didn’t properly understand back side shorting until I watched a huge bunch of My Investing Club videos.”

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