The Medlin Law Firm Welcomes New Criminal Law Legal Assistant Malinda Davis

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Award-winning criminal defense firm, The Medlin Law Firm, welcomes the new addition to the team, Malinda Davis, a criminal law legal assistant.

Top-ranked criminal defense and immigration law firm The Medlin Law Firm, welcomes the newest addition to its growing team, Malinda Davis. She will be the firm’s new criminal law legal assistant.

Malinda has been working in the legal field for more than 25 years, but has found the most interest in her experience as a legal assistant in criminal law. Over the years, Malinda has listened attentively to prospective clients and showed empathy as they talked about their legal concerns.

She believes that even though people can’t change the past, they have the opportunity to create important decisions that can result in better outcomes. Malinda recognizes the importance of having a person the client can trust with representing them as they deal with one of the most important situations in their lives.

She dedicates herself to assisting clients and helping them protect their rights with the help of a criminal defense attorney and a support staff. With The Medlin Law Firm, she aims to assist in guiding individuals every step of the way and help secure their future and rights.

The Medlin Law Firm has been defending people against various criminal charges over the years. With the firm’s 102 years of combined experience, they have assisted and protected the rights of thousands of clients. The Medlin Law Firm is home to skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyers who have dealt with different types of cases and situations.

The firm’s team of attorneys and their experience inside and outside the courtroom proves as an advantage when dealing with every case. The Medlin Law Firm understands that facing a criminal accusation can be confusing and scary. Thus, the Medlin team carefully listens to each client’s situation and analyzes them before building a legal strategy that can help provide the best possible outcome.

The Medlin Law Firm provides legal representation in Fort Worth, TX, and nearby areas. They assist clients in need of legal assistance against various criminal charges including DWI, theft, assault, airport crimes, gun crimes, fraud, and domestic violence. To provide help to more people, the firm also assists in immigration-related services including applying for citizenship, green cards, and visas.

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