Palm Springs Counseling Offers Couples & Individual Therapy in California.

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Chaundra Prehara, MA., LMFT, has launched an all-new website that offers couples & individual therapy, and marriage intensives, providing California couples uniquely customized counseling options.

March 21, 2023. Palm Springs, CA, USA – is excited to announce the launch of its new website, which will empower more individuals and couples to strengthen their relationships with themselves and with others. is owned and run by Chaundra Prehara, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) with over 25 years of experience in helping individuals and couples successfully transform their lives and relationships through counseling.

Chaundra specializes in Relational Life Therapy couples counseling. She is passionate about helping each individual develop their best relational self and then align with their partner’s best relational self. This type of therapy produces deep change, improves communication and fosters intimacy within the partnership.

“I am a relentless learner which is code for a personal development geek! In my therapy practice offerings, I’ve applied my lifelong study of best principles and practices of personal development into high-impact therapy, producing fulfilling and meaningful results,” Chaundra said.

“After 25 years of learning and practicing, I draw upon extensive training with recognized therapy experts including Terry Real of Relational Life Therapy to support individuals and couples into clearly discovering what the root problems are, then moving confidently into healing and growth. With the launch of this new website, I’m excited to make the journey towards healing and growth more accessible for all.”

The website, which has been designed for maximum usability and visual impact, empowers visitors or future clients to discover the best service for them on their own terms. By clearly laying out Chaundra’s qualifications, the types of therapy offered, and what individuals and couples can expect from the sessions, it promotes trust while demonstrating Chaundra’s innate passion for helping others live their best life.

“Nothing in our life is as important as our sense of well being and the quality of our relationships. I want my clients to have a relationship with both themselves and with others that is nothing short of superb, alive, passionate, and happy. Everyone deserves this kind of connection with themselves and others. There is relational technology, a clear set of interpersonal skills that work much better than what you learned from your family and culture at large.”

Chaundra adds, “With these skills you will be able to know and speak your authentic self, be able to create a space to invite others to know and share themselves more deeply, and be resilient during life’s inevitable ups and downs. These skills work and this kind of growth is available whether you are young or old, monogamous or polyamorous, gay or straight, non-binary, or single. With the launch of this website, I’m excited for the opportunity to make the skills of this interpersonal technology, healing and growth accessible for all.”

For those who aren’t ready to take part in dedicated sessions, the website also offers a blog of resources to better understand what individual and couples therapy entails, and how it can serve you to discover the best version of yourself.

If you’d like more information on the website or would like to speak personally with Chaundra Prehara, you can contact her at