On-Premise Identity Access Management System, Consulting & Design Service Update

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The cloud security consultants at Azure IAM can now implement more advanced on-premise access management systems thanks to a recent service update.

Following the announcement, the cybersecurity consultancy now utilizes new tools when deploying cloud security ecosystems for their clients. This toolkit includes solutions from their partners at Microsoft and Sailpoint, along with newly developed solutions from OAuth and other independent development teams.

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These new tools will allow Azure IAM to create highly versatile, scalable, and responsive on-premise security systems that can also be used to manage large-scale cloud infrastructure. The team has recently scaled up the capabilities of the systems they can design with new software tools and can service enterprises of all sizes.

Among these tools are variations of the Azure Active Directory, which is among Microsoft’s most powerful access management software programs and the namesake of Azure IAM. Their security engineers are certified on all Azure products and can create reactive, high-capacity installations that are both lightweight and multifaceted in their security capabilities.

Building on the Azure AD, the company’s architects can create MFA systems that allow administrators to access advanced tools, capable of consolidating multiple digital identities into a single on-network entity. These systems can improve the speed of the network and the end-user experience by eliminating redundant or unnecessary security checks.

In addition to these ground-up services, Azure IAM uses these tools to migrate existing systems and data between platforms. For example, they can help those operating on Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) to move to a more modern, strictly cloud-based security environment, or into a hybrid environment that utilizes platforms such as Azure AD or Sailpoint in tandem with MIM.

One of Azure IAM’s primary goals is to help enterprises of all sizes create passwordless, seamless environments for their users. This focus on user experience has been the guiding philosophy of the company since its inception and has led them to undergo this recent large-scale service update.

Azure IAM employs several industry veterans, who have been overseeing cybersecurity and cloud management operations since the technology was developed over 20 years ago. They are constantly adapting their approach to meet new threats and incorporate new solutions into their repertoire, ensuring that customers are consistently protected.

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