Charlotte Residential Mulch Installation: Delivery & Blowing Services Updated

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Main Street Mulch (704-396-4960) recently expanded its residential and commercial mulch installation services for customers in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas.

With the expansion, Main Street Mulch is providing customers with access to a wider selection of high-quality bulk materials to help shape and enhance their natural areas. The company offers pine bark mulch, pine bark nuggets, cypress chips, red-dyed mulch, brown-dyed mulch, black-dyed mulch, and regular single- and double-hammered mulch.

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Mulching involves placing a layer of material on the ground to reduce the evaporation of soil moisture, protect plants, and keep down weeds. Because it’s a tedious job, many home and business owners overlook the vital role it plays in their property’s ecosystem. Main Street Mulch aims to address this through end-to-end installation services.

For residential properties, Main Street Mulch helps customers take their projects from initial design to final walk-through. Their mulch experts will assist customers in selecting the mulch material and color that they want. As far as installation goes, they will transport the mulch, prepare the ground, and blow the mulch into place through a hose. Mulch blowing allows for a much neater and more controlled distribution of mulch.

In a commercial setting, the process is similar, but on a larger scale.

According to Main Street Mulch, mulch provides many benefits to both residential and commercial properties. Mulch is a natural temperature regulator, keeping heat trapped in during the winter so plants are protected from frost damage, and keeping roots cool in the summer by reflecting heat away. It also helps highlight and showcase plants, shrubs, and other ornamentals that customers might want to be displayed. It can also affect property value and curb appeal.

“Main Street Mulch does mulch installations the right way,” said a satisfied customer. “They did a nice and even spread over a large area in my backyard. It’s dense everywhere, yet clean around the edges with no spillage. It looks awesome—I can’t thank them enough.”

About Main Street Mulch

Founded in 2022, Main Street Mulch has quickly gone on to become one of North Carolina’s leading mulch suppliers and installers. In addition to residential and commercial properties, they also provide mulch services for playgrounds, churches, and schools.

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