US Designed Smart Business Card Coins With NFC For Clubs, Range Expanded

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Gray Water Ops has expanded its line of challenge coin products with new designs, which can now be used by club owners to promote their initiatives.

This expansion brings a wide array of new customization options to the Gray Water Ops catalog to allow clubs and organizations nationwide to create custom, high-quality memorabilia. These new designs can be altered to more specifically represent a client’s needs.

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Gray Water Ops has recently added these assets to its catalog to make its custom challenge coin design service more accessible than ever before. Previously, their designs were focused just on military organizations, police units, and other public service entities, and are now introducing a range of options for more general use.

The new design assets are ideal for those looking to spread the word about their club or organization in a more creative way, or for those looking to promote camaraderie among their members. In both cases, the challenge coins provide a long-lasting memento and can be useful in a wide variety of professional and interpersonal scenarios.

Gray Water Ops’ challenge coins can feature highly-detailed 3D or 2D detail with laser engraved edges, enamel-color fill, or any of 15 different metal finishes. These options can also be mixed and matched for even greater detail; many of the coins that the company has created in the past have featured highly complex raised 3D designs using these methods.

The coins can also feature proprietary NFC chip technology, which allows the coins to function as programmable digital business cards in addition to their sentimental value. When passed over a receiver such as the ones found in most modern smart devices, the coins can be made to link to club websites, store pages, and charity drives, and can also instantly transfer contact info.

Interested parties can contact the Gray Water Ops in-house design team with ideas, requests, and preliminary artwork which they can translate onto the coin faces. A huge gallery of the designs they have completed in the past is available on their website along with a more complete explanation of their patented NFC technology.

Gray Water Ops is committed to creating quality products and strives to meet the highest standard of customer service. The company is 100% veteran owned and operated, and their team is proud to support the military community through the creation of stunning artwork and frequent donations to veterans’ health organizations.

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