Programmatic Job Advertising & Analytics Tools For Effective Campaigns Updated

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JobAdX has updated their programmatic job advertising platforms to feature new analytical capabilities.

This update to the JobAdX system has been applied across both platforms and allows users to monitor real-time job ad performance across all promotional networks simultaneously. These tools have been designed to help recruiters more accurately place their ads using the platform’s manual control features and to guide the system better when placing job ads programmatically.

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With features shared across their “Optimize” and “Exchange” programmatic advertising platforms, this expansion will bring a new level of autonomy to the entire JobAdX ecosystem. These two platforms allow recruiters to automate job advertising using lightweight software and highly developed cost-control tools.

Recruiters using the JobAdX platform can choose either of the following two methods to run their programmatic advertising campaigns:

JobAdX Exchange provides many features of a typical ad exchange program but with enhanced automation and analytics capabilities. The platform can run multiple campaigns at once to automatically target qualified talent and narrow the scope of a given campaign to appear only on high-traffic sites.

On the other hand, the Optimize option benefits more heavily from this update and allows recruiters to manually direct the JobAdX algorithm to reduce wasteful spending by eliminating redundancy. Optimize has also gained enhanced, real-time analytical tools in this update that boost these capabilities and introduce new campaign possibilities on the platform.

Both options connect employers with many partner job sites where job ads will appear automatically. This catalogue features over 200 specialty job boards that draw industry traffic differently, allowing for a significant degree of control while allowing the automated programmatic tools to work effectively with minimal interference.

These tools are being constantly updated to help consolidate the task of hiring, making talent acquisition easier for teams of any size. The platform provides centralized reporting on specific, job-level data to enhance the aforementioned automation tools while allowing goal-driven teams seeking a high specificity to use the platform effectively.

JobAdX has been developed by a small team of dedicated professionals who have spent nearly a decade working with many of America’s largest brands to improve the hiring process for all.

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