South Jordan Dry Eye Treatment & Prevention: Vision Care Clinic Expanded

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ClearVision Institute (385-222-2020), a vision care provider based in South Jordan, Utah, has expanded its ophthalmic services, offering treatment for dry eye disease for residents in the greater SLC area.

One of Utah’s leading eye care clinics, ClearVision Institute is offering complete solutions to prevent and treat dry eye disease.

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The newly announced expansion aims to answer the increased demand for eye care in the area, and offer patients an opportunity to catch the early onset of eye disease, particularly dry eye, and improve prevention.

Statistics say that up to fifty million Americans suffer from some form of dry eye to a varying degree, while the condition itself costs the economy over fifty billion dollars each year. ClearVision Institute offers patients an opportunity to successfully treat this condition.

Dry eye disease is a condition in which the eyes are unable to produce enough liquid tears, also called aqueous fluid. It causes irritability, discomfort, and increased sensitivity to light. The experienced team of ophthalmologists at ClearVision Institute offers several options to diagnose, alleviate the symptoms, and successfully treat dry eye disease.

To diagnose dry eye disease, ClearVision Institute’s specialists perform a tear gland assessment as well as a general eye health evaluation. The clinic offers treatment options that include Blephex and IPL pulse light therapy – which can be used to treat blepharitis, tear gland blockages, and rosacea.

In the great majority of cases, those treatments have a high success rate and patients can then enjoy an improved quality of life, without the feeling of irritated or itchy eyes.

Additionally, ClearVision Institute also offers patients eye care that includes minimally invasive surgery and covers various other conditions, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

About ClearVision Institute

Respected throughout Utah, ClearVision Institute is a comprehensive eye care provider and with its latest announcement, it remains committed to providing residents of the greater SLC area with quality optometry and ophthalmology services.

A satisfied patient said: “I’ve reached the age when my vision needs the best care and I was very impressed with how thorough my annual exam was and how helpful and friendly ClearVision Institute’s staff was.”

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