AI Alternative Search Engine For Center-Right With Uncensored Results Launched

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TUSK is a new alternative search engine that has been developed by center-right Americans to offer uncensored search results.

The new search engine is being brought to American internet users by the same center-right and US patriot collective who developed the TUSK censorship-free and privacy-forward internet browser at the end of last year. Now, the new TUSK search engine is live, and it upholds the same ethos of creating an online space that is free from censorship and liberal bias.

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The new search engine is being positioned as an alternative to the big names in search engines, including Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing and Yahoo—and even as an alternative to new AI search engines and platforms like ChatGPT—which the TUSK’s founders believe represent a collective of left-leaning and liberal organizations.

As such, TUSK has positioned their new search engine as an anti-censorship platform and what they call a viewpoint tuner. They believe their new uncensored search engine will quickly reveal to users the work of the major search engines’ data-driven and liberal media-directed algorithms, and will show them a very different world of internet searches.

TUSK recommends their new custom search engine to fellow center-right, right and conservative individuals. However, they equally suggest that open-minded moderates will gain insight into the true political landscape in America by also switching over to TUSK.

TUSK’s new search engine also offers users an integrated filtered news feed where they can view topical news stories under banners like ‘Trending’, ‘Politics & Opinion’, ‘Business & Tech’, ‘Sports’, ‘Lifestyle’ and ‘Entertainment’. Registered TUSK web browser users can customize this feed to display news from their top trusted providers.

TUSK is on a mission to free the internet from liberal bias and they believe their alternative search engine represents a significant step forward in this direction.

A spokesperson for the developers behind TUSK said, “We have built our own search, providing an alternative to the search engines that exist today. Our search engine has been designed by conservatives, for conservatives. And since we don’t censor anyone, you will always have a choice to use whatever search you like.”

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