Nashville Asphalt Paving | Road & Parking Lot Resurfacing Services Expanded

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Gaddes Strategic, LLC (615-866-2795), an asphalt specialist in Nashville, has expanded its paving and resurfacing services for residential and commercial customers.

The newly announced services can help property owners extend the lifespan of their driveway, parking lot, or street. When properly installed, asphalt can create a long-lasting seal that prevents deterioration from the elements and can improve the appearance of a surface.

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The contractor now offers customers more cost-effective options for surface repairs or upgrades. Asphalt is cheaper than other materials, such as concrete, and can be used to turn cracked or uneven roads into smooth, polished surfaces.

Gaddes Strategic, LLC can handle minor repairs, as well as major repaving projects. Its contractors can remove and replace existing asphalt in a large parking lot, or patch small areas or cracks. Once asphalt has been laid, they can also do sealcoating, which involves adding a layer of oil-based or asphalt-based paint to add a glossy finish and make the asphalt easier to maintain.

The company can restore damaged surfaces, so they are safe to walk and drive on. Its pavers are familiar with the local climate and terrain, and have the skill and materials to keep asphalt in good condition. They understand the differences between hot mix asphalt, warm mix asphalt, and cold mix asphalt, and will determine which type is best for each job.

The asphalt specialist tackles residential and commercial projects of any size. It is willing to take on small nuisance jobs that many larger contractors refuse to accept. The company has worked with business owners, property managers, general contractors, homeowners associations, healthcare providers, campground owners, and more.

Gaddes Strategic, LLC is made up of contractors with over 60 years of combined experience in concrete, asphalt and dump trucking. It specializes in pothole repairs, asphalt sealcoating and line striping, and thermoplastic pavement markings. Interested parties can learn more about the contractor by visiting

A satisfied property owner said, “Shane and his crew did a great job with our parking lot repair needs. Great service.”

Interested parties can learn more about the contractor’s asphalt paving and restoration services by visiting