Search Box Optimization: Google & Bing Autocomplete Marketing Service Launched

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The Evolved Profits Partner Team has revealed a new update to its search box optimization marketing service, helping brands across the US to increase online visibility.

The latest version of the Search Box Optimization platform enables businesses to harness the search box itself to present their businesses to prospective customers – advertising their company before the search query is completed.

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With the expanded service, The Evolved Profits Partner Team provides businesses with a direct alternative to more expensive digital marketing approaches, like Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization. With more than 8.5 billion Google searches per day and around 100,000 taking place every second, search box optimization leverages the popularity of the autocomplete function to improve brand awareness.

Using the search bar recommendations in Google or Bing search, the service is a low-cost solution that businesses can use to improve their lead generation. According to the company, 71% of all Google users rely on autocomplete to save time when searching. By securing a position in the autocomplete listings, businesses receive a credibility boost – helping them to gain traction over their competition.

With this new technology, rather than waiting for potential customers to finish their search query, businesses can appear in the autocomplete suggestions and get found faster. This gives them a significant advantage over their competitors and helps to build credibility because prospects will associate the brand with the keyword phrase they’re using in their search, Evolved Profits Partner Carlos Julio explains.

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The service can also improve visibility once the search has been completed. Businesses can obtain more prominent listings in Google search results, and the entire first page can be targeted by businesses based on their chosen keyword Phrase, Carlos Julio says.

Because the company never sells the same keyword Phrase twice, obtaining the right Keyword Phrase can provide a predictable visibility boost for businesses – especially when used in conjunction with location-based search results.

The Evolved Profits Partner Team, SBO Platform is customizable based on the budget and needs of the client, with ongoing support and monthly reporting available to help clients achieve their brand growth goals.

A spokesperson states: “Your business will have exclusive visibility to potential customers in the auto-complete feature, ensuring that it appears as the sole option. Opting for your business through the auto-complete feature means that customers bypass your competitors, and you occupy the entire first page of search results.”

Keyword phrases can be used for local or national businesses

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