Stamford Math Tutoring For Primary School Students To Learn Fundamentals Update

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MATH 1-2-3 has announced a new update to its coaching program for children who have been affected by pandemic learning loss.

The tutoring company says that disruptions have led to students falling behind globally, with one study showing the impact was 60% greater in less-educated homes. As such, MATH 1-2-3 now offers results-backed methods to deal with this, including Mental Math Shortcuts.

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Available to students throughout the tri-state area, the newly updated service teaches students to perform calculations in their heads more quickly than using a calculator, giving them extra time during exams.

The company explains the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on education in schools, with widespread school closures affecting 95% of the world’s student population. As a result, many children have fallen behind in their studies, with remote learning proving to be a challenging and often ineffective alternative to in-person instruction.

The pandemic has also highlighted existing disparities in access to technology and resources, with students from low-income families and underserved communities facing significant challenges in accessing online learning platforms and support. To combat this, MATH 1-2-3 is offering affordable in-person and online sessions, including test preparation.

MATH 1-2-3 says that its use of Mental Math Shortcuts is particularly beneficial for students who have struggled with math in the past or who have fallen behind due to the closures. By teaching students to be self-reliant and to perform calculations in their heads, the program builds confidence and helps students to become more successful.

The company’s experienced tutors come from professions with strong math backgrounds. They work with each student to identify areas of weakness and develop personalized study plans.

Tutoring is available to students of all ages and levels, from elementary school through college. To complement this learning approach, MATH 1-2-3 offers two-week courses, or alternatively, it runs full-day weekend seminars.

A recent student said: “The tutor was a perfect match for my daughter and within a few weeks I saw a noticeable gain in my daughter’s skill and confidence.”

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