D’Cent Secured Biometric Fingerprint Wallet For Crypto Security Now Available

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The D’Cent biometric cryptocurrency wallet is now available at The Crypto Merchant.

The Crypto Merchant is expanding its range of products with the addition the D’Cent – the world’s first biometric wallet and an ideal choice for traders and investors prioritizing ultimate security.

More details can be found at https://www.thecryptomerchant.com/products/dcent-biometric-hardware-wallet?_pos=1&_sid=0dc380491&_ss=r

The announcement comes as the demand for crypto wallets continues to grow. A Grand View Research market analysis report shows that the number of crypto wallet users has grown from under 77 to over 84 million globally – and the US market compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the industry is expected to be around 23% for 2023-2030, making it one of the fastest-growing markets in the crypto industry. While hot wallets are expected to continue to account for the majority of market, cold wallets are growing in popularity, too – and the D’Cent offers innovative securities that take the traditional cold wallet one step further, explains The Crypto Merchant.

The e-store emphasizes the high level of security offered by D’Cent. “As with most hardware wallets, this device has enhanced security to protect your assets,” says a company representative. “Along with a key word and fingerprint sensor, there are also private keys and a recovery seed phrase plate included with the product at purchase. These plates with seed phrase words serve as a high-quality wallet recovery process. With this level of security, you’re sure to have a secure account in place with a portable and easy-to-use Bluetooth transfer system.”

The e-store acknowledges that the wallet is not compatible with as many coins as traditional non-biometric alternatives, but it does offer support for the most popular ones – including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and SRP.

Portable and lightweight, the device features an easy-to-use interface making it ideal for users of all levels of experience.

About The Crypto Merchant

The e-store has been providing high-quality cryptocurrency products and accessories since 2017. A New York City-based brand, The Crypto Merchant has expanded into the South American markets, with a UK-based store serving Europe announced for the near future.

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.wicz.com/story/48373666/dcent-biometric-wallet-with-large-oled-display-for-investors-launched

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