Automated Talent Supplier Management | VMS For Contingent Workforce Launched

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Prosperix has updated its vendor management system (VMS) network, which streamlines talent supplier management and automates the hiring process, leading to better candidate quality and cost-effective hiring.

This enhanced cloud-based platform connects hiring managers with sources of contingent workers both locally and internationally. Moreover, it features a scorecard that allows users to quickly assess which supplier can best meet their job requisition orders.

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The updated VMS network provides businesses with larger talent pools through the company’s integrated hiring marketplace. It also enables clients to thoroughly assess suppliers’ capabilities, past performance, and cost-effectiveness.This leads to better candidate quality and reduced costs, making this system a viable alternative to retaining recruitment agencies.

Contingent workers help businesses keep up with fluctuations in demand, while also maintaining a flexible and cost-effective workforce. Federal data shows that about 3.8%, or about six million individuals, currently work on a part-time, contractual, or consultancy basis. Prosperix’s VMS network streamlines the process of finding and managing these workers, making it an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes.

The VMS Network uses factors like probability-of-hire and the number of job offers sent to determine the vendor score. Since all talent suppliers are treated as vendors, the one that can provide the most compelling offer is given the staffing mandate.

Once a client has settled on a talent supplier, an algorithm will conduct preliminary assessments, while human talent advisors will further curate applicants. Hence, AI allows for the rapid processing of numerous candidates according to baseline qualifications, while talent advisors conduct a more in-depth evaluation.

The platform also includes a full-fledged talent CRM that can be used to contact applicants, schedule interviews, send job offers, and set up onboarding sessions. As such, Prosperix offers full lifecycle recruitment, from finding qualified applicants to helping them settle into their roles.

To better understand the VMS platform, prospective clients may request a demonstration from Prosperix.


Prosperix is a workforce solutions provider that uses technology to streamline the hiring process. It offers an all-in-one platform that connects hiring businesses, talent suppliers, and candidates in one integrated ecosystem. The company’s services have helped businesses like Walmart and NBCUniversal find the right talent quickly and easily.

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