Hiring Marketplace With Recruitment Network For Local & Remote Workforce Expands

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Prosperix, a startup that combines its online hiring marketplace with artificial intelligence to help growing companies reduce their time to hire, announces a key update to its platform.

Starting today, customers will have access to a wider pool of talent suppliers in the Prosperix Hiring Marketplace. By adding more boutique recruitment firms, national staffing agencies, and headhunters to its platform, the company aims to deliver higher-quality candidates to businesses.

More information is available at https://prosperix.com/hiring-marketplace

The recently expanded Prosperix Hiring Marketplace is an ever-growing database that gives companies access to thousands of talent sources. Its built-in recruitment network also allows users to find promising applicants, set interview schedules, send job offers, and relay onboarding documents.

Businesses can hire all types of candidates, including local, hybrid, and contingent workers. Through the platform, companies can quickly fill job posts, ensuring that vacancies do not disrupt operations, and also hire candidates with specialized skills that give their business an edge in today’s hyper-competitive market.

According to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, the cost of a bad hire can be up to five times the employee’s annual salary. Additionally, such workers can damage team morale and negatively impact corporate reputation, which can have long-term effects on the business’s success. Prosperix is uniquely positioned to help clients avoid such a scenario.

Prosperix utilizes an AI algorithm that quickly filters out talent sources and applicants that don’t meet the hiring brief, ensuring that only those that comply with the minimum requirements make it to the next round of recruitment. Since the Prosperix MSP Service acts as an extension of the human resources department, it also frees up time that in-house teams can use for other high-value tasks like worker training and development.

“As we introduce more talent suppliers to our hiring marketplace, our customers have a higher chance of finding the ideal candidate. This development underscores our commitment to providing exceptional service to businesses and improving their hiring experience,” a spokesperson says.


Prosperix helps businesses build a modern workforce that can thrive in the new normal. It caters to a wide range of industries, including the retail, hospitality, and healthcare sectors. Among its esteemed clients are Walmart, Holman, SJI, and Radial.

Interested parties may visit https://prosperix.com/hiring-marketplace to learn more about Prosperix’s platform.

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