Elizabeth, NJ Cerebral Palsy Medical Malpractice Attorney: No-Win, No-Fee Update

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NJ Injury Guys Elizabeth (888-559-5485) has announced the expansion of legal representation and guidance to families with children diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

The Elizabeth, NJ medical malpractice law firm has experience handling cerebral palsy cases and now offers no-win, no-fee representation to families looking to obtain compensation for their child’s medical expenses, therapy, and other related costs.

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Recent statistics state that approximately 10,000 babies are born with cerebral palsy each year in the United States. As such, NJ Injury Guys Elizabeth aims to help families understand their legal options and make informed decisions when filing a birth injury case.

The firm’s attorneys understand the long-term implications of cerebral palsy on the child and the family and offer their expertise to help families file a lawsuit to seek compensation for medical bills and other damages.

Following a consultation, the attorneys investigate the client’s case to determine whether there was negligence. In the case of medical negligence by a doctor, nurse, or other medical professionals, the firm helps the client file a birth injury lawsuit against the individual or medical facility responsible.

NJ Injury Guys advise clients to schedule a consultation immediately after they become aware of a diagnosis, thereby making it easier to investigate the medical professionals or facility involved and fight for compensation. Clients can expect to receive compensation that includes coverage for medical bills, doctor visits, surgery, and future living expenses.

NJ Injury Guys conducts a detailed investigation and develops a legal strategy to help clients obtain compensation whether through out-of-court settlement or trial. The firm comprises experienced personal injury attorneys and takes on car accident, workers’ compensation, and slip-and-fall claims, among others.

A spokesperson for the law firm said: “Cerebral palsy can occur naturally, but if your physician used out-of-the-ordinary techniques when delivering your baby, or mishandled signs of distress, you can pursue compensation. There are statutes of limitations on filing a case, so it is recommended to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible.”

Interested parties can find more information at https://nj-injuryguys.com/elizabeth-union-county/

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