Short Hills Cerebral Palsy Medical Malpractice Attorney, Legal Service Announced

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NJ Injury Guys Short Hills (888-559-5485) has announced its updated medical malpractice attorney services for families whose child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

With their updated services, the Short Hills, NJ Medical Malpractice lawyers are able to evaluate a client’s case to determine if they could be owed compensation due to negligence by a healthcare professional during a birth.

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As part of the service, the law firm provides ongoing support throughout the legal process, including fully investigating and gathering evidence for a case, as well as representation during negotiations.

Being a parent holds many challenges, and if a child is born with a condition such as cerebral palsy, those challenges often include additional financial pressures. However, should the condition be a result of complications during birth, families may be able to claim compensation that can help them manage the long-term needs of their child. To give parents a fighting chance of receiving their owed compensation, NJ Injury Guys’ team of attorneys offers their medical malpractice legal support on a no-win, no-fee basis.

When investigating a cerebral palsy medical malpractice case, the legal firm initially explores the circumstance surrounding the birth. This includes checking medical records for factors that could have deprived a baby of oxygen during birth and the failure of a healthcare provider to monitor and act in these instances.

Following an investigation, NJ Injury Guys will work towards claiming the maximum compensation owed to a family. To do this, the firm highlights factors such as medical bills, ongoing physical and speech therapy fees, medication costs, and the ongoing impact on a child’s quality of life.

Aside from Short Hills, the legal firm provides its services throughout the New Jersey area, with additional offices located in Montclair, Hackensack, Jersey City, and Trenton. The firm also offers legal representation for victims and their families looking for legal support regarding car and bicycle accidents, wrongful deaths, or work injuries.

A spokesperson for NJ Injury Guys said, “Our lawyers know that filing a lawsuit can be stressful and understand the importance of building an attorney-client relationship for sensitive cases such as those involving your child’s birth injuries.”

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