Business Coaching & Consulting: Marketing Strategies Training Program Announced

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Jeanne Omlor International LLC, a global provider of business coaching and consultation, has announced a program geared towards coaches and entrepreneurs looking to protect themselves from economic uncertainty.

As part of the latest service, founder Jeanne Omlor and her team will work with service providers, consultants, and business coaches, providing them with training in social media marketing, leadership, communication, personal negotiation skills, and many other essential tools in entrepreneurship.

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Jeanne Omlor International’s recent announcement comes in the wake of the pandemic, which devastated the global economy. In the midst of the resulting recession, the business coaching industry is seeing sound growth of 6.7% per year, making it one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. In the United States alone, approximately 1.8 million LinkedIn users identify themselves as coaches, which is a testament to the industry’s rising popularity, says Jeanne.

As an ICF-certified business coach, Jeanne created her program with the aim of helping other coaches and consultants increase their income potential through their own services. The knowledge she shares with her clients draws from her own experiences as a successful online entrepreneur and includes laser-focused marketing, heart-based sales, and many other proven business strategies.

Jeanne will also advise aspiring business coaches participating in her program on how to start their own careers. The tips she offers pertain not only to growing businesses, improving decision-making skills, and optimizing productivity, but also extend to other aspects, such as mending relationships. Following Jeanne’s training, clients can be assured that they will be given the tools to weather unexpected economic downturns.

About Jeanne Omlor

Jeanne was recognized as a top Wall Street executive recruiter and was awarded “VIP Woman of the Year” by the National Association of Professional Women. With her latest program, she remains committed to helping fellow business coaches and entrepreneurs scale their businesses, achieve greater brand awareness, and a stable consumer base through authentic methods.

“My clients have something in common: they’re all smart go-getters who want to fulfill their ultimate potential, help their clients, scale their businesses to unimagined prosperity and heightened productivity, and lead their lives with integrity,” says Jeanne. “I help people like you maximize profits while letting you be the visionary you’re destined to be.”

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