Energy Savings As A Service For For Hotels And Lodging Facilities Announced

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Onsite Utility Services Capital has announced the expansion of its energy savings as a service (ESaaS) program, allowing clients to adopt energy-efficient solutions for their hotels and other lodging facilities in the US.

As America pushes its 2030 environmental-friendly and clean energy goals, this US-based business consultancy is on a mission to ensure client companies meet ESG standards. Its energy-saving services are designed to be environment-friendly, carbon-reducing, and sustainable.

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Onsite Utility Services Capital’s expanded services are a response to the growing need for innovative solutions to the energy challenges faced by hotels and other facilities in the hospitality industry. They are intended to keep guests comfortable while helping hoteliers streamline their energy costs related to HVAC, laundry, lighting, and indoor air quality improvement.

According to The U.S. Department of Energy, America’s hotels – with their 24-hour, round-the-year operation – are among the top consumers of energy and water. The estimated annual energy cost for an average guest room is almost double the annual energy cost for the average American home.

Onsite Utility’s ESaaS model breaks the cost barrier that most hotel operators face when upgrading to energy-efficient technologies. It is a no-investment service designed to streamline hoteliers’ operating budgets whilst extending the lifespan and efficiency of their power equipment.


CEO Kreiss says, “We make the investment for you so there is zero out-of-pocket or upfront expenditure needed.” As part of the process, the consultancy offers no-obligation consultations to interested parties and also takes on the installation, ongoing maintenance, and servicing costs for equipment.

In addition to hotels, Onsite Utility’s energy solutions are available to companies and facilities across various industries, including commercial real estate, healthcare, and manufacturing. The ESaaS model covers a broad range of energy-reliant processes like water conservation, indoor air quality control, power solutions, and lighting upgrades.


Founded in 1993, Onsite Utility Services Capital has 29 years of experience helping companies achieve their economic and environmental goals. The team works to ensure that energy-efficient technologies stay within the financial reach of any business or institution.

The company boasts a team of qualified and experienced staff, specializing in business development and energy conservation. It is headed by founder and Energy Procurement Specialist, Fritz Kreiss.

A spokesperson for the company says, “Onsite Utility Services Capital’s leadership team has more than 50+ years of combined energy solution experience – we have been involved in more successful energy-efficiency projects than nearly anyone else in the industry. What does this mean to you? That our energy efficiency strategies work. We know this from experience, not conjecture.”

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