Katie Hornor Launches Flamingo Advantage Brand For Christian Women Entrepreneurs

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Katie Hornor has relaunched her successful coaching business under the name of The Flamingo Advantage. She offers insight to Christian women entrepreneurs on building their business reputation while serving God. Hornor offers entrepreneurial programs in Leveraging Their Uniqueness, Marketing, and Client Experience.

Katie Hornor (often misspelled “Horner”) has relaunched her successful coaching programs under the new brand name The Flamingo Advantage, which reflects her continued commitment to work with female Christian business leaders to establish their brand identity in the competitive business landscape while honoring God.

Hornor, a coach to Christian female entrepreneurs, is passionate about guiding them to fulfill their business goals through biblical business principles. In addition, she has a message for female Christian entrepreneurs who feel they are spread too thin or unsure of themselves, particularly regarding their specific product or service offerings and mission.

Further details about these coaching programs can be found at https://theflamingoadvantage.com/specific

With the launch of coaching programs, Hornor aims to train many Christian coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs to excel in the marketplace and manifest God’s glory in their work. Hornor’s new branding under The Flamingo Advantage name comprises coaching programs that help her clients embrace and leverage their unique business talents and competitive advantages to transform their businesses.

“Worrying that others are working in the same niche is misplaced energy,” says Hornor. “In fact,” she argues, “It’s a great thing that other people are doing the same things in the world because that is proof of concept. That is market validation. It means there is demand for those products or services. It also means enough customers and clients need those services or products to make the market profitable.”

Hornor’s training programs are rooted in faith and assist in maximizing the impact of trainees’ expertise by applying the principles of biblical business growth, marketing, program development, and client service prioritization.

Katie Hornor believes that God has multiple providers in every critical business niche because He’s trying to reach all the people and because no single voice will resonate with all.

In her coaching programs, Hornor encourages entrepreneurs to focus on their strengths, experiences, gifts, or styles and utilize them to stand out in their industries. Horner provides practical tips on building a reputation that reflects the businesswoman’s values: Build a reputation based on strengths to attract ideal clients, identify the most rewarding activities to build a foundation of excellence, and enjoy doing God’s work through modern-day commerce.

Katie Hornor is a Christian author, women’s business coach, and mentor. Her clients have realized success using her methods.

“I finally know that the result is not my responsibility. Offering what God has given me as a gift – the knowledge, the expertise – that’s my job,” says Myrna Buckles, a client who has worked with Katie Hornor. “God provides the results. This mindset shifts for me changed everything.”

To learn more about Katie Hornor’s coaching services, interested parties can visit the The Flamingo Advantage website: https://theflamingoadvantage.com/specific

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