New Free Course on Self-Healing Announced by All Heal Nonprofit Organization

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All Heal Nonprofit Organization’s new training on How to Accelerate Self Healing provides free information for anyone dedicated to more effective self-healing with natural medicine.

This course is for anyone interested in achieving faster, more efficient natural self-healing without having to leave home. All Heal Nonprofit Organization offers free daily lessons on How to Accelerate Self Healing that start Monday after completing a brief survey to tailor the course content to each participant. The training will be delivered by email over five weeks.

For full details, interested parties are encouraged to view the website at

Topics of Accelerated Self Healing™ that will be covered include:

Healing the Affected Body System. – Each person’s problem areas are specifically addressed. The body systems are organized by the depth of the tissue layer they grow from during embryological development. Healing progresses from deeper to more superficial tissue layers.

Balancing the Terrain. – Each type of disease only manifests in a particular range of terrain, which is the biophysical condition of the body that promotes health or disease. Healing the terrain is fundamental to achieving Accelerated Self Healing™. Each student will focus on correcting the specific terrain imbalance they are in currently.

Improving the Regulatory Response to Interventions. – Another vital subject is Regulation. The lowest level of Regulation is “Blocked,” where the necessary interventions don’t seem to have any effect until the blockage is finally cleared. The next level is “Negative,” where starting an effective healing plan increases symptoms before improvement is noted. Think of starting an exercise program and feeling achy at first. The covered level depends on the participant’s self-identified response to healing interventions.

When asked about the reasons behind the decision to provide free training on such an in-demand topic, Dr. Glen Swartwout, Author of the Course of All Heal Nonprofit Organization, said,

“I’ve designed this new course to help people learn how to heal themselves efficiently with natural therapies without leaving home or resorting to toxic or invasive treatments.”

Anyone interested in natural self-healing without leaving home can find the most up-to-date information about the free training at Customers with specific questions about the course may contact All Heal Nonprofit Organization via their website.