West Henderson, NV Real Estate Agent | No-Obligation Home Valuation Tool Updated

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Realtors Ken Haring and Jeannette Draper at The Dream Team (+1-775-382-8300) have updated their online property valuation tool, offering prospective sellers in West Henderson insight into the potential value of their homes.

The local realty team’s updated property valuation tool is based on comparative market analysis (CMA) for the area. These figures are calculated by the firm based on an assessment of the current inventory in West Henderson, recent asking and selling prices, and the condition of the property itself.

More information is available at https://dreamteampahrump.com

Ken Haring and Jeannette Draper, Realtors recommend that homeowners considering putting their property on the market use the updated home valuation tool in order to get a ballpark figure of how much they could gain from the sale.

Once the online form has been filled in with basic information about the property and contact details, The Dream Team will conduct research about comparable homes that have been sold in the past six months to calculate a fair asking price.

After a no-obligation consultation, the real estate agents will devise a listing and marketing plan to help homeowners extract as much value from the sale of their property as possible.

“If you set your price too high, then the chance of alienating buyers is higher. You want your house to be taken seriously, and the asking price reflects how serious you are about selling your home”, a spokesperson for the company explains.

In addition to the valuation tool, The Dream Team has compiled a collection of resources and reports for sellers, including guides on listing at the optimal time and asking price. Readers of the firm’s West Henderson market report will observe that the median listing price in the area currently stands at $515,000. Homes are typically selling for 98% of this price on average and spend around 70 days on the market, according to the agency. Their website also features information about active listings in the neighborhood, upcoming open houses, and current market trends.

About The Dream Team

Fully licensed and certified realtors Ken Haring and Jeannette Draper specialize in helping landlords and single-family homeowners sell property in Pahrump, Henderson, South Enterprise, Mountain Edge, and Westgate, Nevada.

More information can be found by visiting https://dreamteampahrump.com or by calling +1-775-382-8300.

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