Fashion Industry Hiring Platform | Verified Freelance Designer Site Launch

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Fashion Index Global Corp has launched a new online platform, Fashion Index, geared towards increasing connectivity in all aspects of the fashion industry. The site provides a one-stop resource for manufacturers, freelance designers, business owners, and more.

With this platform launch, Fashion Index improves the efficiency of the fashion marketplace by giving users expansive access to people, materials, facilities, wholesalers, services, and supplies.

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The new platform allows users to peruse categories to find business partners – from people resources to materials and manufacturers. Every participant in the fashion industry can find the right resources to create products and sell their services.

Co-founders Tirsa Parrish and Marge Pietrera each have over thirty years of industry experience working with companies like FUBU, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap Inc., and more. Fashion Index was created as a result of the disconnect they saw between different aspects of the industry, specifically between fashion influencers and the businesses that want to work with them.

The platform provides a destination for all contributors in the fashion and apparel industries to connect and maximize productivity. According to the company, users can utilize Fashion Index to find everything needed to start their own fashion line, regardless of previous experience.

The resource allows individuals to find businesses across the fashion world’s skilled supply chain. It enables connections between entrepreneurs, supply chain vendors, and manufacturing businesses within the sector – creating a unified solution within the fashion industry. Fashion Index also aims to encourage promotion by helping listers to expand their digital presence and build brand awareness.

The platform links local manufacturers and suppliers to creators. This allows creatives to make products more local to them which increases sustainability and supports local communities.

Fashion Index seeks to create a more inclusive and connected apparel ecosystem through the custom-built platform. It intends to regularly innovate and update features to facilitate brand growth and help users achieve their goals.

A satisfied user said: “Fashion Index has increased visibility and driven business to us through their active partnership. The IG live chats have been fun and improved interest in our on-demand software and factory.”

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