Winnipeg Insurance Direct Billing Announced By Minuk Digital Denture & Implants

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A Winnipeg-based centre specializing in advanced technology for denture implants announces the addition of direct billing for clients with health insurance policies.

The latest announcement from Minuk Digital Denture & Implant Centre streamlines the payment process for clients with dental coverage. The center brings renowned expertise in prosthetic teeth replacement solutions for clients throughout the Winnipeg area.

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The announcement outlines that direct billing relieves the client of any paperwork or administrative tasks to settle their account. The Minuk team can submit claims electronically (where applicable) to the client’s provider with details of the product supplied and procedures performed. This bill can then be settled swiftly and efficiently by the relevant insurer.

Once a Pre-Authorization response from insurance showing the proposed treatment has been received, support staff can direct the bill. This is an increasingly popular way for Canadians to settle their healthcare invoices. Without this process, clients have to cover the upfront costs of treatment before claiming back the relevant sum from their insurance company. A direct billing system means that medical providers can get paid quicker while consumers avoid the tiresome form-filling and submission process that accompanies a claim.

The centre points out those clients are still responsible for any balance resulting from any unpaid insurance portion. Payment plans are available and can be discussed with the Denturist.

In terms of fees, Minuk follows the guidelines issued by the Denturist Association of Manitoba. Included in the price are complimentary consultations, annual check-ups, adjustments for one year, weekday, evening, and emergency appointments.

A client says, “Throughout my time at Minuk Denture Clinic, I have had nothing but positive things to say. The denturists have always been kind and honest, which has increased my comfort. Speaking with the girls at the front desk is always a pleasure as they are very friendly. You can tell that they enjoy their work – they’re always smiling and eager to help.”

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