UK 25 Momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcase & Duvet Cover: Luxury Bedding Set Launched

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A luxury silk bedding brand has added a new duvet set to its line of high-quality silk bedding. The newest addition to Mayfairsilk’s bed linen collection is the Precious Pink and Charcoal Silk Duvet Set, made from the finest grade 100% long strand Mulberry silk.

This new duvet set is now available on Mayfairsilk’s online shop in bedding sizes ranging from Double to Emperor. The Precious Pink and Charcoal Silk Duvet Set includes a 22 momme silk duvet cover and 2 x 25 momme silk pillowcases with gift boxes in the shade Precious Pink, plus a 22 momme fitted silk sheet in a contrasting Charcoal shade.

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The signature pink colour of this new set from Mayfairsilk is described by the brand as “a soft blush hue… calming, intimate, and luxurious.” The new pillowcases are in the classic envelope or “housewife” style and the duvet cover features internal corner ties and a hidden button closure.

All of Mayfairsilk’s luxury sleep products are made with 100% pure grade 6A long-fibre Mulberry Silk with a high momme count, meaning it contains a high amount of silk per square inch. Additionally, the brand’s bedding is machine-washable and requires less frequent washing than its cotton equivalents.

According to Mayfairsilk, there are multiple advantages to sleeping in silk bedding. For example, silk has a low rate of heat conductivity, meaning it is a naturally temperature-regulating fabric and so prevents the person sleeping from becoming too hot or cold.

Another feature of the brand’s silk sheets and duvet covers is that, unlike cotton, silk is not a particularly absorbent fabric. As such, Mayfairsilk states that its products do not absorb moisture from the skin or hair, leaving them hydrated and offering anti-ageing benefits.

The new Precious Pink and Charcoal Silk Duvet Set fits with Mayfairsilk’s signature colour palette, which is designed to create an atmosphere of calm and balance that aids sleep.

Mayfairsilk is a London brand with a focus on sustainable luxury. The company has established a strong reputation for its unique weave and finishing process that produces a matte, lustrous fabric with pearlescent highlights.

A spokesperson for the company said, “At Mayfairsilk, our silk sheets are made from the best grade of Mulberry silk and offer uncompromising quality from start to finish of our production process. All our silk products are hand cut by artisans and are OEKO-Tex standard 100 certified.”

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