Las Vegas Long Covid High Blood Pressure Telehealth Diagnosis & Treatment Update

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Residents in North Las Vegas seeking expert diagnosis and treatment for Long Covid symptoms can now receive in-person and telehealth medical care from In Good Health Professional Corporation (702-403-1535).

With the recent update, In Good Health Professional Corporation combines the medical expertise of their lead practitioner, Dr. Sharon with the use of innovative AI diagnosis and monitoring technology for patients with signs of Long Covid.

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The team at the North Las Vegas clinic can treat the long-term effects of COVID-19, such as muscle weakness, fatigue, heart palpitations, fever, as well as high blood pressure, and renal hypertension.

The ongoing health complications arising from past COVID-19 infections are still relatively unknown, with Long Covid sufferers displaying a wide range of symptoms. However, through the use of the latest AI technology and the results of research into the area, medical practitioners are constantly improving their treatments. As one of the leaders in this area, In Good Health Professional Corporation offers a range of Long Covid treatments for patients in North Las Vegas.

When diagnosing and treating a patient, the clinic’s team utilizes a combination of the artificial intelligence app and blood tests. This diagnosis method allows the team to better understand the underlying causes of a patient’s symptoms and condition and therefore determine the level of care they require.

The clinic’s lead practitioner, Dr. Sharon is also focused on preventative treatments to reduce the long-term health impact of COVID-19 on those who currently have, or have had the virus. In this regard, the doctor takes a proactive approach during consultations, which includes scheduling blood tests, chest X-rays, and medical history checks before developing a customized treatment plan.

Patients living in and around North Las Vegas can choose from both in-person or telehealth consultations with the clinic, depending on their circumstances and preferences. The consultations can be booked through the clinic’s website, where visitors can also find further information regarding their treatments and services.

A recent patient of In Good Health Professional Corporation said, “They are so nice and professional. They helped me resolve my medical issues quickly and efficiently.”

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