Digital Marketplace Celebrates Its 4th Anniversary

Photo of author is celebrating its 4 years year anniversary and reveals some of its big wins and challenges it faced getting thus far. More information on the business can be found at is celebrating its 4th Anniversary, which commemorates four years of intense, incredibly rewarding, and at times challenging years in business. This is a huge milestone for the North American-based Digital Marketplace business, which has provided Digital Car Repair Marketplace experience to Car owners and Fleets since 2019. got its start in 2019 when CEO and founder John Harvey observed that the rest of the world was already accustomed to buying and selling their services via digital marketplaces, and there was a clear gap in the B2B automotive collision, car care, and repair segment. After several conversations with small and large auto shop owners as well as big and small fleet and insurance companies, they validated that the market needed a technology solution that could level the playing field and bring it all together in one simple and easy-to-use solution specifically curated for the automotive segment.

There after, they began developing the technology infrastructure and carefully choosing the service providers who could deliver the desired results to the end consumer. Once they launched their minimum-viable-product (MVP) in early 2019 and secured their first group of shops, the product evolved into a fully-fledged company.

One of the earliest challenges faced was launching just before a pandemic that caused people to stop all non-essential driving. Suddenly, the demand for what was originally built—to solve a capacity shortage in the collision segment—had vanished. And that’s when they did their own pivot and doubled down on the investment in their technology stack and opened up their offering to include all services under the car care and repair umbrella.

While every business, of course, faces challenges, some, like, are fortunate enough to enjoy real successes, wins, and victories too. One such victory came when they continued to pursue niche opportunities in the market and landed their first big contract. This provided the boost that the company needed and reinvigorated the staff, shops, and other service providers and partners.

According to CrashBay CEO Harvey, this success has led to the addition of new talent to the leadership team, making a world of difference. He emphasizes that having customers and a team is crucial for a company’s success, as the idea and technology alone aren’t enough. With these in place, innovation and building unique products can flourish.

Harvey spoke about the successful partnerships that has formed with companies such as Consolidated Collision Services. With their national network of approximately 87 dealer-owned body shops, this was one of CrashBay’s first partnerships with an early adopter who believed in their vision. The support of Consolidated Collision Services’ leaders, including Mike Beier, Tom Langton, Sandy Liquori, and their team, was instrumental in the success of the partnership. In addition to Consolidated Collision Services, CrashBay has also received support from other multi-store-owner (MSO) groups, independently owned shops, dealer groups, and key strategic silent partners and vendors. Another significant achievement for CrashBay was their recent tire, wheel, and mechanical partnership with In Motion Brands, which serves as a preview of the exciting possibilities to come.

Harvey shared, “We’re delighted to be celebrating our 4th Anniversary. I believe the secret to getting this far in business today is—and I know this is going to sound cliche—but it really is all about the people. Not just hiring warm bodies but finding the best and brightest out there who really believe in the purpose and mission of the company and want to make a positive impact in society. We’re helping small businesses grow. We bring big business contracts to small family-owned multi-generational shops at an affordable price and fast. All while helping car owners get back on the road quickly.”

The founder conveyed his satisfaction in helping small business owners by keeping their shops full and providing rapid service to car owners, fleets, and insurers in a targeted marketplace accessible anytime. Additionally, he emphasized the potential for unrestricted growth in any market with qualified shops that they can support.

Harvey shared that currently has 10 employees and has ambitious goals for the next year, which include expanding its presence in Canada and the USA, with eventual plans to go global. He expressed the possibility of international expansion in the near future, stating that “if the demand is there, our technology will be there, too.” By prioritizing the needs of both the end user and shop owners, CrashBay aims to support the growth of all stakeholders, making their mission achievable almost anywhere in the world.

The CrashBay model is designed to benefit all types of car repair shops, whether big or small, franchised, corporately owned, or independent, creating a unified marketplace. In the near future, car owners can use CrashBay as their travel companion, enabling them to locate trusted service providers worldwide at their convenience through their smartphones. expresses gratitude to their partners, customers, and friends for their kind wishes on this joyful occasion.

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