Seattle Luxury Spa: Facials & Body Treatment Specialized Equipment Announced

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Luxury Seattle spa Penelope and the Beauty Bar (206-438-1750) announces industry-leading nail treatments, facials, and body treatment services that use specialized equipment. Guests are invited to book now for a European facial, French body contouring, and world-class nail treatments.

The newly released announcement reminds Seattleites and city visitors that Penelope and the Beauty Bar offers the most advanced skincare, body treatments and nail treatments available today. A world-class spa, Penelope and the Beauty Bar is home to an on-site autoclave that ensures absolute sterility of nail treatment instruments and uses state-of-the-art technologies for anti-aging, beauty enhancement and skin rejuvenation spa treatments.

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According to a study by The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), approximately 75 per cent of all US nail salons are not following proper equipment disinfection procedures. Other reports warn of substandard medical aesthetics equipment. The recent announcement from Penelope and the Beauty Bar notes their use of an on-site autoclave, the only way to kill 100 per cent of infective organisms for complete sterilization of nail treatment tools, and medi spa equipment such as Forma radio frequency, microcurrent technologies, Ion Magnum body treatments, and Endosphéres therapy for certified excellence in skincare and body treatments.

“We offer a wide range of advanced spa and medi spa treatments that utilize state-of-the-art technologies and exclusive skincare brands,” says a spokesperson for the spa. “All treatments are performed under the expert hands of our aestheticians and Masters of aesthetics.”

A leader in the waterless nails method, Penelope and the Beauty Bar replaces traditional soaking pools with essential oils, body scrubs, and soothing hot towels to prepare clients for their chosen treatments in the safest, most advanced way possible. This ensures not only categorical cleanliness, but a flawless manicure and/or pedicure from nail techs with unquestionable credentials.

Advanced Forma radio frequency facials, micro-current technologies and Endosphéres therapies are medi spa facial treatments normally found in top European spas.

The Forma radio frequency facial, for example, is a treatment popular among celebrities for its efficacy in stimulating tissue remodeling and collagen growth for toning, contouring, tightening and smoothing the skin.

Endosphéres therapy is a non-invasive device that stimulates blood flow to improve lymphatic drainage while toning the skin and reducing cellulite.

With the release of their latest announcement, Penelope and the Beauty Bar reminds consumers to look closely at the equipment being used for their treatments and, for absolute assurance, are invited to consult with the spa’s experts to learn more about their leading nail, facial, and body treatment methods.

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