Local Businesses Get A Boost As Kicking Ass Media And Bakersfield Jobs Team Up

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Kicking Ass Media LLC and Bakersfield Jobs have announced the launch of a joint venture that provides one-stop easy access to local job listings. Bakersfield Jobs serves up local employment opportunities to job seekers via a comprehensive job-specific search engine.

Kicking Ass Media LLC and Bakersfield Jobs are working together on their newest launch of a one-stop easy access employment search engine. Starting in March, 2023, this free service provides listings in one place from a range of available job boards, large niche recruitment sites and other recruitment agency websites. Kicking Ass Media and Bakersfield Jobs have a wealth of combined experience in reaching out to prospects online, helping business owners and employees improve their bottom lines, and helping communities prosper.

Interested parties can view the results of this partnership at the following website: https://bakersfieldjobs.net .

With this launch, Kicking Ass Media LLC and Bakersfield Jobs will be sharing multiple responsibilities including:

Helping communities prosper – Kicking Ass Media and Bakersfield Jobs are working together to benefit communities. According to Kicking Ass Media CEO Rickey Williams, “we believe and act on the ‘virtuous cycle’ principle in our businesses. Everything we do together to help people find jobs and help businesses make more money creates even more opportunities for job growth and business growth. And the third component of this virtuous cycle never happens independently, the prospering of local communities.”

Offering additional value services to clients – There is high demand from people looking for work and from businesses looking for growth, but the business model doesn’t stop there. Both Kicking Ass Media and Bakersfield Jobs try to stay in contact with clients, to make sure they are satisfied, but also to offer other opportunities. For example, job seekers who find employment may still be interested in bigger and better jobs, or even entrepreneurial opportunities. For businesses, getting more leads, clients and customers is helpful, but the job is never done. As long as businesses have the capacity to handle more work they will continue to want more and more customers. For these reasons Kicking Ass Media and Bakersfield Jobs also work together on service offerings that flow out of their CRM cycle, which includes marketing, customer service and sales activities.

Combining resources and digital assets for synergistic growth. – Kicking Ass Media and Bakersfield Jobs both depend on online exposure to attract and grow their businesses. That includes press releases, blog posts, YouTube videos and social media exposure.

One-stop easy access to job listings from available job boards, large niche recruitment sites and other recruitment agency websites has been created specifically for people looking for work in Kern County, California, and includes the following features:

Smart Search – Thousands of job types are searchable. All a visitor needs to do is to start entering a description of the job they want. This prompts a drop down menu of clickable specific jobs related to the searcher’s entry.

Fresh Job Postings – Bakersfield Jobs scans thousands of websites, job boards and agencies every day to show searchers employment opportunities as soon as they become available.

Surrounding Areas Searches – Not every visitor will find the exact job they’re looking for in the exact location where they want to work. But that job might be available in other areas within commuting distance. Bakersfield Jobs also finds employment opportunities in Tulare, Visalia, Hanford and Reedley, and other smaller communities.

Rickey Williams, CEO of Kicking Ass Media LLC had this to say about the new launch partnership providing simplified access to comprehensive job listings from job boards and recruitment sites:

“We believe our partnership with Bakersfield Jobs will result directly in more people finding high-paying stable jobs in Kern County. That’s great for the people finding jobs, and it’s also great for the overall economy of the Bakersfield area.”

Those interested in accessing the free service providing one-stop easy access to job listings pulled from available job boards and recruitment sites can do so here: https://bakersfieldjobs.net .

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