Anaheim Chi Energy Analysis System & Holistic Treatment: Wellness Center Update

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Anaheim, California-based TOMii Wellness (714-998-0128) announced an update of its holistic services for individuals who want to address the underlying cause of their condition drug-free.

The company’s updated service entails the utilization of the TOMii Chi Meridian Energy Analysis System, a unique energy-analyzing tool. It is used to identify energy blockages and imbalances in a client’s body to help them achieve measurable health results naturally through treatments such as cupping and acupressure therapy.

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With TOMii Wellness, clients suffering from issues such as insomnia, chronic pain, fatigue, low immunity, and poor digestion can find the source of the condition within minutes and manage it effectively.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), qi, or chi, is said to be the vital life force that flows through all living things. In Western medicine, it is somewhat similar to one’s energy. It is believed that when a person’s qi is imbalanced or deficient, it can lead to issues like pain and illness.

TCM practitioners use their hands to detect the flow of qi in a person’s body and then interpret the results. The Chi Meridian Energy Analysis System, on the other hand, takes a more scientific approach by adding sensors and software to the process.

The device takes qi measurements of a body’s meridian channels — pathways through which qi flows and is distributed to the major organs — then a printout is produced showing the organs’ strengths and weaknesses, all within 10 minutes. Once completed, the TOMii Wellness therapists will interpret the results with the clients to devise the most effective treatments for their health concerns.

They provide acupressure and cupping therapy, with some treatments combining the two forms. Acupressure uses the meridian energy points as acupuncture to address multiple issues while cupping stimulates qi when applied to the pathways. It also draws out toxins and releases impacted nerve endings. The therapists also use massage in conjunction with the Chi Meridian Energy Analysis System to remove qi blockages.

With this announcement, Lighter Chen, who founded TOMii Wellness in 2007, remains dedicated to helping individuals improve their health and well-being through natural solutions and techniques such as the Chi Meridian Energy Analysis System.

A satisfied client said: “I feel great every time after my treatment session. Dr. Chen is friendly and professional. The measuring machine is doing wonders and shows which part of your body is weak and unbalanced, so each session they know what treatment they will focus on to resolve your pain or weakness. I definitely strongly recommend you visit if you have never been there.”

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