Birmingham DTG Printed 100% Cotton T-Shirts For Women With Custom Image Launched

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okTSHIRT, a Direct To Garment (DTG) printer based in Birmingham, has launched new well-fitting 100% cotton t-shirts for women.

The DTG printers have developed a strong reputation amongst local businesses in the Birmingham region for their custom retail and hospitality aprons and comfortable men’s and women’s cotton blend hoodies. Now, okTSHIRT is proud to be offering their high-quality custom printing services to individuals and businesses who want to print custom t-shirts.

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okTSHIRT has launched their new t-shirts as the custom t-shirt printing market continues to grow. As the latest figures from Grand View Research showcase, the market, which is currently valued at US$4,314 million, is tipped to grow annually by 11.1% till 2030.

okTSHIRT understands that whether for a business’ brand awareness or for a bride-to-be’s hen do, custom t-shirts can visually represent and unite groups and communities of all sizes.

The Birmingham-based DTG printers’ t-shirts are made from soft, breathable and durable 100% cotton. They come in black or white, and are available in all sizes ranging from S to XXL. Interested clients can have both the front and back of their t-shirts printed.

okTSHIRT’s expert printing and design team will liaise with clients online and help them select and arrange the image, text or design that will bring their custom t-shirts to life.

In addition to their new custom-printed t-shirts, okTSHIRT also has a new selection of pre-designed garments. Popular new designs include their women’s zodiac star sign collection, their Queen collection, their Love collection, and their customizable birth date, nationality and photo t-shirts.

okTSHIRT uses the most advanced DTG printing techniques and works with only the highest-quality fabrics. They fulfil their orders from their boutique workshop and factory in Birmingham and can generally ship within 24 hours.

A spokesperson for the DTG printers said, “Thousands of clients have chosen us for their special day, baby shower, anniversary, logo printing, and business printing. Take advantage of our customer service today and enjoy our quality product. We are proud to say that we print almost everything on a t-shirt that you will love to wear.”

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