Public Sector Employee Retirement Plans | FEHB & TSP Benefits Interview Released

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Public Sector Retirement Educators has announced the release of an interview featuring Jeff Boettcher, one of its federal retirement experts. The interview expands on relevant retirement topics such as inflation, Medicare, TSP, FEHB, and retirement savings.

While talking with Broadcast Retirement Network’s host Jeffrey Snyder, Jeff Boettcher focused on retirement benefits and how federal employees can take advantage of them. In the recent interview, the retirement specialist emphasizes the need for expert guidance, which can be obtained through Public Sector Retirement Educators’ various training programs that cover all aspects of retirement.

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Jeffrey Snyder’s latest interview is in line with Public Sector Retirement Educators’ mission of helping federal government employees across the US plan for their transition into retirement in advance and get familiar with all potential benefits they may be entitled to.

Federal employees are eligible for a wide range of benefits, including healthcare, social security, and insurance. Jeff Boettcher highlights throughout the interview the need for retirees to make sure that any option available is considered and taken advantage of to better secure their financial future.

One of the mechanisms available is The Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB), which offers a host of healthcare plans for federal workers. In the interview, Jeff Boettcher explains how the program weighs against private healthcare plans and also points to the Thrift Savings Plan as a viable option for long-term retirement savings.

“Market volatility, interest rates, the difficulty of predicting the future, and the nature of taxation are all issues that every federal employee and retiree must deal with,” says Jeff Boettcher. “The best approach is to start the process as soon early and find a knowledgeable and experienced individual to guide you through it.”

Public Sector Retirement Educators offers web-based retirement training solutions that provide federal employees with relevant and current information on developing a realistic retirement plan. The organization conducts retirement training workshops, events, and seminars, as well as live and pre-recorded webinars.

With representatives and expert federal benefits consultants in almost every state in the US, Public Sector Retirement Educators help federal workers get the most out of their retirement benefits and achieve a decent standard of living once they retire. More information is available on the PSR Educators website am of former federal human resource professionals, trainers, and financial professionals dedicated to helping both active and retired federal and postal employees achieve their retirement goals. With over a decade of combined industry experience, the company offers customized training solutions at an affordable price.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the PSR educators website