Vaccine Track & Trace DSCSA Compliance Suite For Pharmaceutical Companies Update

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rfxcel, a leading pharma supply chain traceability provider, announces updates to its Accurate Immunization Management (AIM) system.

The latest move provides rapid and effective vaccine traceability for the pharmaceutical industry, helping companies eliminate counterfeiting, thefts, and diversions. The company, which is part of the Antares Vision Group, is an active member of the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition, working in tandem with leading organizations in healthcare, technology, and the nonprofit sector as well as government agencies to combat fraudulent use of medication and restore public faith in the industry as a whole.

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rfxcel’s updated AIM program responds to the increased scarcity of supplies and the resulting increase in demand, leaving pharmaceutical companies in need of an agile and feature-rich solution. AIM harnesses cutting-edge technology to provide users with unit-level end-to-end traceability and real-time data monitoring.

The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), enacted by Congress in 2013, outlines steps to achieve interoperability and traceability of products at the package level across the US. The legislation and the standards it requires seek to aid the FDA in ensuring consumers are protected from counterfeit, stolen, or contaminated drugs.

rfxcel’s AIM system offers companies a ready-made solution to meeting these regulations, driving consumer trust, and helping build a new model for commercial growth within the pharmaceutical sector. The software provides end-to-end communication and data collection solutions alongside automated data entry for more efficient operations.

AIM integrates seamlessly with healthcare applications (including IIS and EHRs) and offers inventory monitoring and oversight for patient immunization records. The platform’s automated features make it easy to adopt and implement and no specialist technical training or knowledge is necessary for users.

The system can serialize vaccines down to each individual vial, allowing companies to track every product at every stage of the supply chain. AIM is customizable to meet each client’s unique requirements while fast deployment is assured via the highly-trained rfxcel customer team.

Other helpful features include a complete order history and audit trail and an auto-reordering function for accurate inventory management.

A spokesperson says, “rfxcel Traceability System and AIM are critical components of the vaccine supply chain and its distribution needs. As your vaccine track-and-trace solution, we integrate into all your systems and devices to help you focus on what’s important – saving lives.”

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