Bulk Alcohol Disinfectant Wipes Effective Against COVID & Candida Auris, Update

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SurgiMac, a US-based medical supply company, has updated its range of disinfectant products to highlight the most effective alcohol-based wipes and sprays for combatting COVID, Candida Auris, and other common contaminants, with bulk rates for clinics and professionals.

Medical professionals, clinics, and dentists can now access an expanded selection of bulk surface disinfectant products, including those effective against Coronavirus and Candida Auris, shipped locally from SurgiMac.

More information about EPA certifications for disinfectants, bulk rates, and the full range of products from SurgiMac can be found at https://surgimac.com/collections/surface-disinfectants

By partnering with major medical supply manufacturers such as Metrix and PDI, SurgiMac is able to provide the most up-to-date surface disinfectants from trusted suppliers, at bulk rates for clinics. The full line of alcohol and bleach-based wipes are available in either regular or bulk amounts, with same-day shipping for orders placed before Noon EST.

SurgiMac works with several top suppliers to allow medical professionals to access a wide range of equipment, tools, and consumables that are manufactured and distributed from within the USA. With access to more than 2.5 million medical product SKUs, the company can special order many products that are not available on its website.

Every disinfectant product offered by SurgiMac includes detailed information from the manufacturer and a list of certifications from the EPA. This allows medical professionals to quickly find the most effective disinfectant for any situation, or to confirm that a chosen disinfectant is certified for particular pathogens.

While there are many surface disinfectants that can effectively eliminate the most common contaminants, SurgiMac specialists often recommend Sani-Cloths from PDI. These alcohol-based wipes are gentler on surfaces than similar bleach-based products, while still being certified to eliminate up to 50 different microorganisms in approximately two minutes.

SurgiMac also carries alcohol-based wipes from Metrex, including CaviWipes, which are frequently used in surgical centers, operating rooms, and dental practices. These wipes can take as long as 3 minutes to work fully, but they have been proven effective against TB, HIV-1, HBV, HCV, and MRSA.

Though SurgiMac does sell to individuals outside of the healthcare industry, some products may be restricted to medical professional use only. Health industry professionals can use a registration form on the company’s website to apply for access to restricted products, as well as bulk rates.

One satisfied dentist who ordered through SurgiMac’s website said, “Orders were shipped to me in a timely manner, with great packaging. Product quality and service are excellent. I will definitely recommend SurgiMac for dental supplies. A+”

More information about the bulk rate service for professionals, a full list of surface disinfectants, and other products from SurgiMac can be found at https://surgimac.com/collections/surface-disinfectants

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