Las Vegas Long COVID Symptom Diagnosis & Prevention: Primary Care Clinic Update

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Las Vegas, Nevada – In Good Health Professional Corporation (702-522-6108) is expanding its telehealth medicine services to include remote long COVID and chronic health condition management.

Despite the pandemic’s decline, an estimated 19 million U.S. adults suffer from long COVID. In response, In Good Health Professional Corporation now offers virtual AI-assisted vital sign monitoring to provide prompt medical interventions that address the early onset of symptoms and prevent possible cytokine storms.

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Led by Dr. Thomas Sharon, DNP, MPH, ARNP-BC, In Good Health PC’s new long COVID treatment focuses primarily on prevention, with individualized treatment plans designed to improve the patient’s quality of life.

Dr. Sharon explains that long COVID or post-COVID conditions are an ongoing health problem in which people who have been infected by the Coronavirus continue to feel sick long after their initial infection. Patients who suffer from the condition experience a variety of symptoms that can last weeks, months, or years – from fever, headaches, and cognitive impairments to cardiovascular difficulties, debilitating fatigue, and dyspnea.

When left untreated, these symptoms can develop into secondary conditions that could have severe or even fatal consequences, which is why In Good Health takes a proactive approach to long COVID treatment.

Using its AI software, In Good Health PC tracks patients’ vitals, heart rate, cardiac function, stress level, and sleep quality. This data is analyzed in real-time to detect anomalies, offer remedies, or determine whether an in-person visit is needed.

In addition to AI monitoring, Dr. Sharon may also order a series of blood tests as part of the diagnostic process to better understand the patient’s condition and the underlying cause of the ailment.

About In Good Health PC

In Good Health Professional Corporation is a North Las Vegas-based primary care clinic serving the entire metro area, including Summerlin South, Paradise, and Henderson. As a certified nurse practitioner, Dr. Thomas Sharon specializes in adult and geriatric care and has treated over 6,000 patients in need of long COVID treatment.

A satisfied patient said: “Dr. Sharon is an excellent and kind guy. The doctor showed he cared about my situation and how I was feeling. He was awesome with figuring out the best treatment and ensuring I was comfortable with everything. His secretary was also pleasantly nice. Great practice, great people.”

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