Full & Partial Ghostwriting For Sci-Fi Novels: Fiction Writing & Editing Update

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Write My Wrongs updates its ghostwriting services for aspiring authors who want to create a compelling bestselling fiction novel. Clients are partnered with a professional and experienced ghostwriter who has been vetted from thousands of global candidates.

The updated services can be applied for either full or partial ghostwriting and cover all fiction genres, from romance to sci-fi to action. Clients are reminded, however, that the company does not offer ghostwriting services for song or rap lyrics.

More details can be found at https://writemywrongs.co/ghostwriting

“Write My Wrongs” explains that its ghostwriting services are designed for creative individuals who struggle with the writing process. Often, authors have a plot in mind, including well-rounded characters, but do not know how to put their ideas into words. A ghostwriter acts as the artistic conduit to the visions seen by the aspiring author.

The author service marketplace says that it works with each client throughout every stage of the writing process. From conceptualization to publishing, authors are always updated, consulted, and worked with to produce a bestselling novel that encapsulates their ideas and visions. The role of the ghostwriter is simply to bring to life what the author has already envisioned.

All projects, regardless of length or type of ghostwriting, will be entirely owned by the author. All writers at “Write My Wrongs” sign a confidentiality agreement and will never claim any ownership of any work. Clients are assured that after each project, their stories will be completely theirs.

Currently, there are four ghostwriters that clients can work with. Each writer has had years of experience writing and editing books in different genres.

“Write My Wrongs” is composed of a team of writers, editors, and designers who each have decades of experience in the book industry. Aside from ghostwriting, the company also offers book editing, publishing, and audiobook scripting. It is committed to delivering personalized solutions that accurately reflect each client’s creative vision.

All members at “Write My Wrongs” represent the top five percent of the industry. Each editor was selected from a pool of 200 candidates.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Even though this is a collaborative process, let’s face it—you’re the expert. We listen to your ideas, stories, and experiences without judgment and work until we create the perfect book for you.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://writemywrongs.co/ghostwriting

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