Seattle Waterless Nail & Body Treatments For Men, Same Day Appointments Launched

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Penelope and the Beauty Bar (206-438-1750), a luxury day spa and nail salon in the center of downtown Seattle, has new waterless nail treatments for men.

Men in Seattle can now request Penelope and the Beauty Bar’s popular waterless nail and body treatment for their hands, their feet, or both. The nail technicians at Penelope and the Beauty Bar believe their targeted men’s treatment, called the Gentleman’s Cure, will hydrate the skin, neaten and strengthen the nails, and give an overall feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation.

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The launch of their new men’s nail spa coincides with a recent article on Men’s Health, which revealed that men are more likely to suffer from common nail and skin conditions, many of which can be prevented by regular, professional care. Although the word mani-pedi often conjures an image of a very feminine activity, Penelope and the Beauty Bar’s expert nail technicians stress that – beyond the world of pink nail polish – the most essential purpose of nail treatments is to nourish the nails and the skin of the hands and feet.

As such, in their Gentleman’s Cure treatments, men will enjoy a soothing essential oil-infused hot towel treatment and an exfoliating body scrub. The purpose of these two treatments is to relax the body, to get rid of dry, scaly, or flaky skin, and to leave men with smooth-looking and feeling skin. The nail technicians at Penelope and the Beauty Bar will then clean and shape nails, including cuticle care.

For those men who have particularly dry skin and/or weak nails, Penelope and the Beauty Bar also recommends their paraffin wax dip. This restorative treatment can help to remove tension in the hands and feet while deeply moisturizing the skin and nails.

The luxury day spa’s in-house massage therapists can also add a 15, 25, or 35-minute hand and arm or foot massage, or both, to their Gentleman’s Cure package. Penelope and the Beauty Bar knows that these two heavily utilized parts of the body often hold significant tension.

Should any guest of the spa want to combine their Gentleman’s Cure waterless nail treatment with a customized men’s facial or whole-body treatment, the team at Penelope and the Beauty Bar can facilitate it.

Penelope and the Beauty Bar is open seven days a week and they are proud to announce that they now take same-day bookings, making it easier for men to drop in unplanned and take advantage of their combined nail and body treatments.

A spokesperson for the luxury day spa said, “Our new Gentleman’s Cure waterless nail treatments include essential oils, soothing hot towels and energizing body scrubs that leave your hands and feet looking and feeling fresh and new.”

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