Mountain Park Suspension Therapy For Joint Rehabilitation & Pain Relief Launched

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AIS Therapy LLC (770 815-3365), a rehabilitation and sports enhancement clinic based in Roswell, GA, has announced a new Redcord suspension therapy service for clients in the Mountain Park area.

The recently launched suspension therapy is a unique form of therapeutic exercise in which a part, or all, of the body is suspended in the air using ropes and slings attached to a fixed point.

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AIS Therapy’s latest treatment is designed to release the body from any friction and allow free movement without resistance, promoting muscle relaxation. Suspension therapy is an effective treatment for both hip and lower back pain, explains the clinic.

According to scientific research, the Redcord suspension technique improves muscle control and stability by re-educating the neuromuscular system. Using slings and elastic bungee cords, the provider can modify the amount of resistance and muscular challenge, meaning that patients of any age can perform identical suspension exercises.

Suspension therapy has gained popularity in recent years as an effective physical treatment for athletes. However, it can also provide pain relief for a range of health conditions affecting non-athletes including back pain, neck pain, whiplash and patients who have undergone joint replacements.

AIS Therapy LLC also specializes in the Mattes Method: a technique for isolated stretching and strengthening of the superficial and deep fascia. This Active Isolated Stretching technique focuses on specific muscle lengthening and strengthening, with each stretch being held for only two seconds. This has been proven to improve circulation and increase muscle elasticity in joints.

A spokesperson for the clinic explains: “Our goal is to provide each patient with the highest quality clinical care to optimize health, minimize pain and restore wellness.”

AIS Therapy LLC was founded by John Howard, a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. He is trained in a wide range of therapies, including orthopedic massage, fascial release and deep muscle therapy. Using this experience, he developed the Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening technique.

One satisfied patient said: “I was very impressed by John’s knowledge, skill and friendly attitude. I don’t know much about human anatomy, but I appreciated him explaining what muscles and tendons each stretch was elongating. Two hours of Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) with John Howard, and I feel supercharged and ready to conquer the world.”

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