West Lake Village All-On-Four Plus Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry Update

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Anacapa Dental Art Institute (805-988-8985) near West Lake Village has expanded its range of cosmetic dentistry options and specialist services, with a focus on providing functional, natural-looking implant teeth for diabetic patients, or those with additional health concerns.

Anacapa Dental Art Institute’s expanded range of treatments is fully customizable to suit individuals with a range of additional needs, allowing patients with high pain sensitivity, diabetes, dental phobias, or other health conditions to access the complete set of functional and cosmetic dental procedures.

More information about dentistry for clients with additional needs, the full list of available services, and treating clients with diabetes can be found at https://anacapadental.com

Using an advanced surgical procedure, Dr. Jivraj, founder of the Anacapa Dental Art Institute, can provide patients with a complete, fully functioning set of teeth in a single visit. The procedure has been expanded to also include additional care, oral sedatives, or general anesthesia, though these modifications should be discussed in advance when making an appointment.

While this procedure is available elsewhere, the Anacapa Dental Art Institute is often recommended for patients with additional health complications, due to Dr. Jivraj being a recognized global authority. He has written and edited several books on the topic, including “Graftless Solutions for the Edentulous Patient,” and “Treatment Planning in Implant Dentistry,” and teaches the All-On-Four procedure in seminars around the world.

The All-On-4 Plus procedure available at Anacapa Dental Art Institute is similar to the dental implants that have been in common use for decades, with several major improvements. The most significant change relates to how the implants are placed, using a new technique that eliminates the need for bone grafts and reduces the total number of implants required.

For most patients, the technique requires only four implants to provide the same level of durability as six or more, with the traditional procedure. This can vary from patient to patient, and in cases where additional implants are needed, Dr. Jivraj will place as many as required at no additional cost.

Individuals with additional health concerns should discuss them when making an appointment and may request a range of modifications to their treatment. This can include sedatives, antibiotics in advance of their procedure, or other advanced planning measures to make the visit more comfortable.

One satisfied patient said, “It’s been almost a year, and I have had no infections, no discomfort, and no complications whatsoever. I am thrilled with the results, and I know that I chose the right doctor for the procedure. Thank you again so much for bringing my confidence back.”

More information about Dr. Jivraj, the Anacapa Dental Art Institute, and scheduling the All-On-4 procedure for individuals with health problems can be found at https://anacapadental.com

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