Somerset, NJ Apostolic Pentecostal Faith Family-Centered Education Class Update

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Somerset, NJ – Premier Family Life Ministry International, Inc. (888-210-5850), a Pentecostal church, announces its updated family-centered educational programs for young adults looking to succeed spiritually and in life.

The curriculum is grounded in the Apostolic Pentecostal faith and imparts biblical principles that can be readily applied in real life. The goal of the church’s newly announced program is to provide members with relevant and practical spirit-filled teachings that can guide them throughout their days, especially during difficult times.

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Premier Family Life Ministry International updated its programs with the foremost objective of providing young adults with a powerful faith-based foundation built on strong family values. It is a holistic curriculum that empowers and equips students to be effective communicators and advocates of the fundamental teachings of the Bible.

One of the foundational lessons taught at PFLMI is developing Christ-centered leadership. The ministry believes that despite popular perception, true leadership is grounded in servitude rather than power. They explain that the most effective leaders are those that always put the needs of others before their own and can act without ego. Further, servant leadership inspires individuals to continuously involve themselves in various community outreaches, wherever they are for work or study.

PFLMI is committed to offering multicultural education for all those seeking salvation and healing before the Second Coming of Jesus. Though the programs are geared toward young adults, anyone is welcome to participate. In fact, some of the lessons may be used by Christian teachers to supplement their teachings and professional development.

Premier Family Life Ministry International is a church founded by Dr. Euton M. Laing and Elder Sharon Laing after the Holy Spirit inspired them to spread the word of God in their community. Since they held their first service in 2004, the pair has since grown their ministry to be a trusted church in Plainfield, NJ.

A spokesperson for the church said, “We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that celebrates diversity, values community outreach, and fosters strong family values. Together, we are dedicated to providing personalized instruction, promoting holistic learning, and empowering our students to become effective community communicators and leaders.”

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