Worcester County Construction Surety Bond Agency: Online Application Announced

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Worcester County contractors can now receive a free quote through Surety Bond Professionals’ online application service.

The company’s online portal makes applying for construction bonds and getting a quote easier and hassle-free. Using the form on Surety Bond Professional’s website, contractors have easy access to start securing a performance and payment bond.

For more information, visit https://www.suretybondprofessionals.com

Surety Bond Professionals’ online application portal minimizes the paperwork and other hassles contractors must endure to secure a performance and payment bond. A query can be sent through the portal for faster approvals with a click of a button.

This service also assigns a Surety Bond Professionals team member who offers a consultative approach and creative problem-solving for a particular situation.

According to Surety Bond Professionals, securing a bond quickly is one of the best ways to increase the chances of getting a project. Public construction projects are especially known for requiring a quick bidding schedule. Getting a third party to attest to a contractor’s ability to build the project to the standards set by the project owner gives one an edge over the competition. It also builds one’s reputation as a trusted contractor for public projects.

Performance and payment bonds are the most commonly required for private and public construction projects. A performance bond assures the owner that the project will be built to the standards set by the contract, while a payment bond guarantees that the contractor will pay all labor costs, materials, and suppliers as per their contractual agreements.

Surety Bond Professionals explains that both types of bonds ensure the project owner will not be saddled with debt once the project is completed.

“If the project is not completed to the standards set by the contract, the project owner can file a claim with the bond agency and receive compensation. It will be up to the bond agency to find the contractor and get reimbursed for the claim,” a company spokesperson explained. “With this setup, the project owner is protected and takes on as little risk as possible.

More information is available at https://www.suretybondprofessionals.com

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