WPU Announces Business Leader Donald Thompson as Commencement Speaker

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Thompson is an accomplished author with his book “Underestimated: A CEO’s Unlikely Path to Success.” he will be speaking at WPU 2023 commencement.

Donald Thompson, a globally recognized business leader, has been selected to address the graduating class of William Peace University during its upcoming commencement ceremony. Thompson is the Co-founder and CEO of The Diversity Movement, which focuses on creating a culture-centric leadership model that balances empathy and economics to achieve workplace excellence.

The Diversity Movement has been widely praised for its groundbreaking initiatives, which are subscription-based and scalable. It focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, helping companies to embrace the benefits of a diverse workforce. As a speaker, advisor, and executive coach, Thompson has played a pivotal role in promoting diversity and inclusion. His work has been recognized by leading publications such as Fast Company and Inc. Magazine.

Thompson is also an accomplished author, with his book Underestimated: A CEO’s Unlikely Path to Success receiving the “Distinguished Favorite” award in Leadership at the IPA Book Awards. Additionally, he hosts the podcast “High Octane Leadership in an Empathetic World,” where he shares insights into his leadership philosophy.

William Peace University President Brian C. Ralph chose Thompson as the commencement speaker for his leadership and commitment to the community. Ralph highlighted that WPU students often arrive underestimated but develop the courage, creativity, critical thinking skills, and ability to become global citizens, community participants, board members, and leaders.

Thompson’s journey from humble beginnings to his current position as a global business leader inspires many. He is a three-time Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies winner, named to the Forbes Next 1000 List, and a Business North Carolina Power List honoree. He serves on 12 boards across various industries, including marketing, health, and finance. His unique leadership approach, which emphasizes empathy and economics, has been instrumental in his success.

In conclusion, the selection of Donald Thompson as the commencement speaker for William Peace University is a testament to his outstanding leadership, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and dedication to community service. Thompson’s message will likely inspire the graduating class, encouraging them to apply the lessons learned during their time at WPU and become leaders in their own right. The WPU community is excited about the upcoming commencement ceremony, and Donald Thompson’s speech will surely be a highlight of the event.

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